Monite Appoints Alex Akimov, Formerly Adyen’s Head of API

  • People Moves
  • 27.06.2022 12:55 pm

Embedded finance startup Monite has appointed Alex Akimov as Head of API, formerly also Head of API of Adyen, in the latest move in its platform scaling strategy.

Like Adyen, currently capitalized at nearly $40 billion, Monite’s embedded finance strategy is built on API interconnectivity. Monite’s embeddable API enables B2B brands to add new finance automation features, such as invoicing, accounts payable, expense management, and more, directly into their existing interface. These embeddable finance management modules, a first in fintech, offer the potential for any type of business to become a ‘super-app’ environment for their own customers. 

An early employee at Adyen, Akimov rose rapidly to become Head of API in 2019, overseeing APIs that processed more than €500 billion in 2021. He brings to Monite the experience and insights gained from scaling an API-led European fintech to global prominence. With this world-class API expert on board, Monite is set to further extend its platform’s capabilities and attractiveness, and become the leading provider of embedded finance automation for B2B platforms, neobanks, and marketplaces.

Akimov, who holds a Master's degree in neural networks and pattern recognition, is passionate about creating a great developer experience. At Monite he is responsible for intuitive API design, versatile developer tools, simple and comprehensive technical documentation, empowering the developer community and authentic developer relations. 

Alex Akimov comments: “I am excited to join the Monite team. Monite is a truly API-first company that possesses the vision, ambitions and expertise for creating a global fintech API platform. The Monite team is focusing on building a secure, reliable and robust API platform, excelling in every single piece of API design, documentation and developer tooling. It’s a challenge and a pleasure to work on setting a new standard of high-quality APIs, inspired by the success of truly API-first companies like Amazon, Twilio, Adyen, and Stripe. I moved over to Monite because I think this is truly the next big thing."

"APIs are everywhere, powering the modern economy and innovation in many areas. And it is in fintech that they are demonstrating the fastest speed and greatest development. While it's very easy nowadays to create an API, it's notoriously hard to get it right – bringing together all the technical components like security, scalability, usability and great developer experience. Ability to successfully tackle this complexity is what distinguishes prominent API-first companies from others,” he continued.

Ivan Maryasin, Monite’s Co-Founder and CEO says: “Alex’s decision to join Monite validates our ambitions to create a global-scale leader in embedded finance. He has been there and done it with Adyen, one of the world’s most successful fintechs. He is a true API thought leader who travels the world to talk about API-first, and who constantly looks for ways to give back to the API community. Monite gives any organization the opportunity to offer world-class finance automation tools on its own platform, or to build out a super app as part of a low-risk winner-takes-all strategy. APIs are the fulcrum in our world and having Alex on board is a fantastic endorsement of our vision.”

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