Grecoff Leaves Cinnober to Lead Surveillance Startup

  • People Moves
  • 30.05.2017 11:15 am

Michael Grecoff, Head of Americas and International Sales at Cinnober Financial Technology has left Cinnober to fully focus as co-founder and CEO of DAHU Technologies.

Grecoff joined Cinnober in 2012 after being Head of Sales, Client Services in the Asia Pacific area for SMARTS. Prior to joining SMARTS, Michael was Manager Surveillance at the Canadian Regulator, Autorité des marchés financiers a department he was mandated to pioneer.

In his time at Cinnober, Grecoff was responsible for some marquee deals such as the sale of surveillance technology to NYSE Group's exchanges, the sale of a surveillance system to Javelin SEF (today part of CBOE) and Clear Markets SEF.

“I have dedicated a large part of my career to protecting the integrity of financial markets. I learned on paper tickets and blotters. Today we must rely on systems, and compliance teams must rely on the system’s developers. The trust level between tech and compliance users is at an all-time low. My plan is to bring the same integrity to software as I have to the markets under my watch in the past. Founding DAHU Technologies represents the culmination of a lifetime experience in regulation and market surveillance," said Grecoff. "DAHU is an effective market surveillance solution for trading venues, banks and brokers. It has low cost of ownership and implementation. Above all, it works."

DAHU Technologies is headquartered in London with sales representation in New York. It is also the first surveillance technology firm to be founded by an ex-regulator. The DAHU management team shares experience in Reg Tech, big data, high frequency trading, analytics and gaming technology. The principals have worked with tier 1 market places, self-regulated organizations, national regulators and global banks.

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