Bill Hall Appointed Credit Union Advisor at Omnio Kesho

  • People Moves
  • 12.10.2020 03:00 pm

After the company’s recent expansion in the Credit Union sector, Omnio, the Banking-as-a-Service platform FinTech, has announced the appointment of Bill Hall as strategic advisor to KESHO, its Credit Union business. Bill has served as Director and Board Chairman within Credit Unions and Housing Associations and brings 30 years’ experience in those respective sectors.

Bill will guide KESHO through the next stages of its Credit Union business development and help the company to further understand the needs and the development potential of the Credit Union sector. The appointment will also ensure KESHO continues to successfully navigate its way through the different tiers of the credit union opportunity, understanding the language, the personalities and the unique dynamic that comes from the credit union sector.

KESHO strategic advisor Bill Hall said: “Something I feel absolutely passionate about is the delivery of fit-for-purpose financial services for everyone, regardless of where they are from or their financial situation. Credit unions provide huge support and comfort to those who are excluded from society because of their level of education, their ethnicity, or simply because they have not been given the tools or help to manage their finances properly. Many of these people often shy away from the mainstream banking system and I am very proud to be part of industry that is here to help them with their finances and give them a chance to plan for a more secure financial future.” 

“Omnio as a business, has a unique position, in that we currently supply 125 credit unions in the sector with a core banking platform. In doing so, we have a  responsibility to ensure that not only are we making credit unions safe and secure, but that we drive encouraging best practice and best service, and a wide range of products and services into the sector to enable it to grow, service and deliver properly to its members.”

Lindsay Ward, Executive Director, Kesho Credit Union Sector, said: “Bill joining us as a strategic adviser is a significant boost to the growth of KESHO as he brings a wealth of experience of the credit union sector and a clear understanding of the challenges within it. His passion for increased equality within the Credit Union and Housing sectors is undoubted and I look forward to working closely with him as KESHO continues to grow. We are delighted that he has joined us.”

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