Serquo and HPS Announce their Strategic Partnership in Spain

  • Payments
  • 07.07.2021 11:05 am

 Serquo, a leading software and technology company, and HPS, the leading global provider of payment solutions, today announced a long-term strategic partnership to offer new and exciting payment technologies.

Combining their respective expertise in IT and payment software, Serquo and HPS will join forces to offer state-of-the-art payment solutions. Leveraging on Serquo’s strong local presence and experience in payment and testing, this partnership will allow Spanish financial institutions to benefit from an end-to-end service offering, with five-star local support.

HPS’s collaboration with Serquo will allow both companies to exchange and maximise their technological capacity, which will in turn enable HPS to further expand its partnerships and presence in Europe and more specifically in Spain. 

“We are very pleased to partner with a global and well-known player such as HPS. This new agreement will create many opportunities for both companies in the Spanish market. It will also strengthen our presence and our offer, always keeping in mind our standards of excellence.” said Galia Gómez, CEO of Serquo.  

“Through this partnership, HPS has established a local presence in Spain which will help us grow our footprint and deliver innovative payment solutions to all the banks in the country.” said Sebastien Slim, Europe & Americas Regional Director of HPS“We look forward to working together on exciting and innovative projects across the peninsula.”

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