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  • 20.06.2024 01:25 pm

Paytiko is a payments management platform that bridges online payment flows from multiple payment providers for any online business under one single connection. With Paytiko, businesses can effortlessly streamline their payment processes to embrace a future where managing payments is a breeze. This convenience relieves businesses of the stress and complexities of managing multiple payment providers. Our services also come with various innovative solutions, including our own technology, user-friendly experience, and a deep understanding of the payment’s environment across numerous financial regions, all of which contribute to our competitive advantage in the market. This article will cover our latest introduced features and their advantages, along with our recent expansion into the Dubai payment market and explain how all this and more makes Paytiko one of the fastest growing payment orchestration platforms on the market today.

New Features and Benefits

One of the latest additions we have recently introduced into our payments system is a Pay By Link feature, which is a game-changer for merchants issuing direct payment invoices. This innovative feature allows them to create payment invoice links tied to a payment provider within our payment’s ecosystem. With this, customers, suppliers and more can make payments without downloading an application, simplifying the entire payment and checkout process and freeing them from the complexities of traditional payment methods. When the payment link is clicked, users are redirected to a platform-specific link where they can enter the amount to pay and send. Overall, this feature enhances convenience and ensures the security of transactions, since phone number or account details are not displayed, thereby providing complete protection for both the receiver and the sender.A group of people standing around a table
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Another recently launched feature is Paytiko's Smart Routing. This sophisticated system redirects payment declines to fallback providers for approval, without disrupting the end-client experience. This ensures the smooth processing of transactions while at the same time increasing transaction approval ratios. It works flawlessly with all of our 250+ credit card processors, including new ones the company adds monthly. 

Additional benefits of our Smart Routing includes that it reduces latency by selecting the fastest processing paths. This is especially important for businesses that require speedy transaction processing. In most cases, unsuccessful transactions, false declines, and lengthy and confusing checkout processes cause customers to abandon their carts, and thereby spend their money elsewhere.  However, this innovative addition to our system mitigates these risks by ensuring that transactions are completed quickly and successfully, improving the overall client experience.

Paytiko recently also introduced Sticky PSPs, which allows merchants to assign preferred payment processors and methods to specific clients. This allows for greater customization for the businesses, as they can select specific processors to work with for certain regions. However, on the consumer end, this feature ensures faster checkout processes as clients are directly given payment options that they are already familiar with and that they know work. Ultimately this increases client satisfaction and business revenue as sales are almost ensured.

Paytiko has provided a new user interface (UI) with its Payment Service Provider (PSP) Selection, which aids in showcasing a new user-friendly plug-and-play connectivity interface. This UI allows merchants to select the relevant payment providers they want to use to optimize their payment flows. It not only simplifies the process of integrating multiple payment providers but also allows merchants to customize their payment flows to suit their specific needs, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their payment processes. This is further supported by our Payment Method Order 

Another feature we recently added, which aids merchants is our Fee Calculator. This tool allows each business unit to pre-set and validate fees that they are charged by each connected payment provider within our ecosystem. It can be set in a few easy clicks by selecting the type of fee, charged amount, timeframe, and creating a fee template, which will incorporate all relevant fees by all payment providers we work with.

Finally, Paytiko prides itself on providing businesses with a way to conveniently and efficiently review all payment actions and maintain books through comprehensive Reporting and Reconciliation abilities. Our Reconciliation Tool allows merchants to map and reconcile raw data incoming from each payment provider, according to relevant parameters with full transparency. Said data may be generated from an external back office or simply received in an Excel sheet.

Expansion to Dubai

An important step has been taken in Paytiko's mission to work with Middle Eastern payment processors and better assist merchants within the burgeoning payments ecosystem of the UAE. With great pride, this is accomplished by Paytiko entry into Dubai, via the opening of its new office in the region. Strategically placed, the office is located at Floor 12-35WF+Q99 - Thuraya Telecommunications Tower, P.O. Box 283333, Next to Byblos Hotel, Al Thanayah - 1, TECOM C - Sheikh Zayed Rd - Barsha Heights, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This centralized location makes Paytiko well-positioned to become a hub for innovation and collaboration.

Our Dubai office has  now been operational for over a year and a few months and has recently witnessed a significant expansion. This is most notably show by our onboarding of a team of sales and fintech-oriented experts with proven experience in their respective sectors and relevant past employers. Overall, we understand and see that the client base in the region is growing at a rate of 50% each month, a clear testament to our abilities in this market. Such figures indicate that we are on the rise and a force to be reckoned with in the payments management industry.

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Overall, Paytiko is making waves in the fintech landscape. Through the introduction of a range of innovative solutions, including our own technology and user experience, our deep understanding of the payment’s environment, and global expansion, we constantly strive to provide core payment technology and systematic transaction routing. Ultimately, we aim to continue to optimize our services to provide clients with the best payment options, change the payments technology market, and provide businesses with the tools they need to survive in an increasingly digital environment. 

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