Paysend Launching a New People & Culture Plan to Support Strong Global Expansion

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  • 11.05.2021 04:45 pm

Global FinTech Paysend today announced a new global plan for the launch of their People & Culture function, with the aim to support the massive growth of the UK based Fintech which grew its customer base over 1 million in the last 6 months.

The People & Culture function recently created under the leadership of Alex Nicolaus (Chief People Officer) is looking at a way to redefine the future of work in the digital space, through a reshape of the Paysend HR organization.

The Paysend People & Culture vision is to build the future of work by enabling a remote, high-performance culture that helps everyone at Paysend to excel, develop and love what they do, everywhere they are. It is based on 6 deliverables (Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding, New Experiences & Engagement, Lead innovation in Fintech, Diversity, Inclusion & Well-Being, Development in People & Performance, HR Data & Analytics) designed not only to support Paysend’s aggressive growth, but to do it with a model able to build a truly transformational work culture. Each of these Objectives has a set of Key Results underneath, based on the building of new systems and technologies designed to support the business as well as people development and delivery.

Specifically in the learning area, Paysend has signed a collaboration with Udemy, a global provider of online learning and training to develop a tailored plan where all Paysend employees can create their personal learning journey, choosing from the largest on-line database of training in the world, and designing their training plan for their highest personal and professional development.

Alex Nicolaus, new Chief People Officer at Paysend, comes with a strong experience in designing start-ups sees this as a pivotal moment to launch Paysend in the top league of Global Fintechs, where people are a central part of the value creation model. “In the digital world, people are the most important asset that can help you to grow. And having a great culture enables you to create an unassailable competitive advantage. It helps you attract the best people, create a happy workplace and increase engagement in your team as well in your external partners, customers or investors.

That is why at Paysend we are investing not simply in having an efficient organization, but in creating the future of work” Alex said. “The partnership with Udemy is key in this sense, as it brings training to a different level, empowering each employee to take out the best for their development”.

Paysend has been growing its employee base from 75 to 400 in the last year and the plan is to multiply that number in the coming months as they open new businesses and corridors and create more products to save time, save money and serve millions around the world. With over 3.5 Million customers worldwide, Paysend is one of the fastest growing Fintechs globally and is aiming to reach over 7 million customers by year end.

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