Nielsen Renews Agreement with Visa to Measure Global Marketing Effectiveness

  • Payments , Data
  • 01.10.2019 07:10 am
 Nielsen and Visa have signed a multi-year contract extension to measure marketing return on investment globally across key regions. With this agreement, the world’s leader in digital payments will use Nielsen’s Marketing Mix Modelling solution to gain greater visibility into both marketing performance and other business drivers to optimise marketing investments on an ongoing basis.

Visa has been a Nielsen client since 2013, during which the initial U.S. engagement expanded to include AP, CEMEA and other key regions. Nielsen’s data and models have informed decisions related to recognised campaigns such as its Money Is Changing initiative and the global rollout of It’s Everywhere You Want to Be, among others. Visa is leveraging the solution to discover which marketing channels and tactics are most effective, and what the ROI of marketing spend is by initiative and country. 

“Understanding what drives share of wallet can be extremely difficult in an organisation as diverse—both in product offerings and geographical footprint—as Visa,” said Lana Busignani, EVP, US Analytics at Nielsen. “Visa was an early leader in embracing marketing mix modelling to measure the effectiveness of the vast array of channels and tactics they deploy worldwide. Looking back on past performance has opened a door into what is possible for the marketing organisation and business moving forward, and Nielsen is thrilled to play a role in helping to define what the future holds for this iconic brand.”

Nielsen’s industry-leading Marketing Mix Modelling and other marketing effectiveness solutions provide a holistic approach to measurement that reveal the most effective strategies and tactics in every area of marketing investment. Used by brands and agencies worldwide, Nielsen’s accurate and actionable performance insights deliver the intelligence marketers need to create the best experiences for consumers and generate the greatest returns for their business. 

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