Invoice2go partners with Microsoft to showcase a new way for small businesses to get paid faster

  • Payments
  • 08.05.2018 07:17 am

Invoice2go, a mobile app that makes it effortless for small businesses to track work and get paid, led the charge today for small business owners by delivering a new way for their invoices and bills to take priority in their clients' inboxes, and get paid faster.

Invoice2go has always offered small businesses the fastest way to get paid. Now, the company has worked with Microsoft Outlook to leverage new inbox enhancements that help Invoice2go customers accept payments in Outlook with Microsoft Pay, adding a new level of discoverability for unpaid invoices, and an easier way for their clients to take quick action.

Soon hundreds of millions of Outlook customers will be able to pay invoices and bills from right inside their inbox. Payments in Outlook with Microsoft Pay provides a secure and frictionless payment experience. Over the coming months, this capability will be enabled for Invoice2go customers sending digital invoices with Stripe as the payment service. Invoice2go is used by its customers to send over $2 billion in invoicing each month.

CEO of Invoice2go, Greg Waldorf:

"Small businesses and solopreneurs worldwide share a common challenge: getting paid on time. By making invoices payable within Outlook with Microsoft Pay, our customers are suddenly offering their clients one of the most powerful shortcuts available for paying invoices in a fast, seamless manner."

Director, Product Marketing Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp., Mike Ammerlaan:

"We are excited to see companies like Invoice2go bring new benefits to their users by integrating their solutions with Microsoft Outlook," said Mike Ammerlaan, Director, Product Marketing Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp. "Invoice2go's integration is the exact type of technological solution that ensures small businesses are in a position to leverage the very best technology in market to further their business goals."

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