Guestlink Chooses Kashing! To Provide Proper Payments Facilities For Its Micro-Merchants

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  • 16.09.2015 01:00 am

Kashing! an all-in-one solution for payments everywhere, is proud to announce a new partnership with online booking and management provider Guestlink.

The multi-year deal worth £50 million, provides Guestlink’s client base of Boutique Hotel and BnB managers with the ability to access all modes of payments including ecommerce, mcommerce, MOTO and face to face facilities.

Guestlink’s merchants can now process payments instantly and far more securely than previously. These facilities have traditionally been the exclusive privilege of the larger merchants, a concept Kashing!’s management team believes is inherently wrong. Now the associated benefits of higher sales, safer transactions and more satisfied customers will be realised by much smaller competitors.

A fully integrated payments solution is a tool that Guestlink had been attempting to source for almost half a decade. Previously, barriers of time consuming sign up, prohibitive pricing and inflexible procedures have prevented Guestlink from implementing such a system.

Kashing!’s new approach to payments simplifies and sanitises this complex process. 300 merchants signed up immediately after the solution was rolled out on Guestlink’s platform. This shows a clear demand for a complete payments solution for the smaller merchants.

Karen Rossouw of Kashing stated: ‘Kashing! Is about making payments simple for merchants and customers alike. Our vision is to provide all micro merchants, in this case  BnB’s and Hotels, to process payments quicker, easier and more efficiently, creating a more rounded customer experience – we are delighted to have such a prolific success story so early in our company history.’

Dr Clare Tagg of Guestlink stated: ‘working with Kashing! has instantly placed Guestlink at the cutting edge. Our customers have immediately seen the benefit and can now take bookings with payment out and about or in the home, on tablets, on phones or with a chip and PIN device. Our clients now have the ability to offer a significantly better service to their customers. For most it is truly revolutionary.

Kashing! is currently open for crowd funding investment on Crowdcube

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