Contis Enables More Choice over £100 Contactless Cap

  • Payments
  • 15.10.2021 02:45 pm

 Contis, the European leader in Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), today announced it will be launching variable contactless limits for consumers, driving more flexibility, security, and payments possibilities for everyone.

The move comes as the joint HM Treasury and FCA decision to increase the contactless threshold from £45 to £100 rolls out across the UK today. This means that any customer of a business leveraging Contis’ BaaS innovative solutions will soon have full control at their fingertips by setting their own contactless payment threshold.

Peter Cox, Chair and Founder at Contis, comments: “By introducing contactless limit controls for individual accounts, we’re giving customers the autonomy to set their own comfort level and stay in control of their money. This is particularly powerful when looking at parental control of linked accounts for children, or linked cards for carers shopping for the vulnerable, for example.”

In July 2021, Contis announced they were joining forces with Solarisbank to become the undisputed pan-European BaaS leader following the former’s series D funding round, raising €190million and valuing the company at €1.4bn.

“As the leading BaaS provider in Europe, we are bringing this functionality to businesses big and small. From the fintech start up to the multinational card issuer, we’re enabling our client base to deliver cutting edge payments technology solutions to their customers,” Cox adds.


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