Avalon Solutions Group Unveils Payments App for Small Biz

  • Payments
  • 21.06.2017 05:15 am

Avalon Solutions Group, a financial technology company specializing in small business SaaS-based payment solutions today announced the launch of Payably™, a mobile payment app that allows small businesses to receive payments on-the-go. 

This first-of-its-kind application provides small businesses with a platform that accepts and processes mobile payments, expedites the payment cycle, and slashes the amount of time spent on bookkeeping while syncing those transactions with QuickBooks Online data in real time. An Intuit Developer platform member, Payably is available in the QuickBooks App store, and is compatible with iOS.

“With Payably, we are revolutionizing the bookkeeping and accounting process for small businesses by providing mobile businesses an on-the-go solution that enables them to thrive in the age of mobile payments,” said Steven Shollenberger, President and CEO of Avalon Solutions Group. “The app, currently available to the 1.87 million QuickBooks Online subscribers, allows our customers to spend less time on recordkeeping and get back to what matters most to them -- growing their businesses. We don’t mess with our customers’ work flows. Instead, our platform works seamlessly behind the scenes to integrate with their pre-existing data on QuickBooks Online.”

The Payably app provides three business solutions in one platform: 
1. It is a robust mobile POS allowing users to accept all forms of payment, cash, credit cards, and check payments, on a mobile iOS device, anytime, anywhere; 
2. It allows for bi-directional, real-time information transfer between the app and QuickBooks Online, eliminating the need for manual data entry of sales transactions; 
3. It automatically generates reports and provides users with the ability to track and compare critical business information, such as gross sales and gross receipts, in real time.

To set up Payably, users simply visit the getpayably.com website and register, choosing their plan and device. Once they receive their credentials (typically within 24 hours) they can download the free app from the iOS app store, input their credentials, and sync with their existing QuickBooks Online account, in literally just minutes. From there, users are ready to begin accepting cash and check payments, and with a merchant service account in place, can typically start accepting credit cards within 24 hours of registration.

Following payment by credit card or entered cash and checks, users can instantly generate and email payment receipts based on the customer information and the sales receipt or invoice that they just created or previously entered in QuickBooks Online. Further, payments are automatically recorded to the correct Invoice or Sales Receipt in the users’ QuickBooks Online platform. Because Payably is continually syncing customer and transactional information with QuickBooks Online; your records are always up to date. Payably ends the nightmare of manually entering individual payment receipts for your day’s activities. In just minutes Payably eliminates hours of additional bookkeeping, input, data entry errors, and reconciliation by syncing the information that you need most with your most reliable source of information, QuickBooks.

Additionally, customers will have access to statistics on sales, customers, and products/services in real time upon completion of each transaction. Payably also ensures state-of-the-art security by using point-to-point encryption (P2PE), as well as providing customers with a live customer support line, available during business hours.

“Payably was launched in response to the growing needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs with mobile operations,” said Robert Fifield, co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Avalon Solutions Group. Fifield also performs the duties of Chief Information Officer for the company. “Traditionally, businesses with mobile services in fields ranging from roofing to caretaking have relied on cash payments -- but, with recent surveys revealing that more than 80% of consumers prefer credit cards to cash, change is inevitable. Not only does Payably make it easy to accept, process, and record mobile payments, but it does so without disrupting normal business operations in any way.”  

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