Arrowhead Credit Union Launches Arca Cash Recyclers

  • Payments , Credit Cards , Banking
  • 05.04.2017 02:00 pm

Arrowhead Credit Union, with more than 133,000 members, was seeing a lot of growth, and with growth comes the need for improved efficiencies. In order to achieve greater operational efficiency, the West Coast credit union recently installed five of ARCA's CM18T cash recyclers.

"Creating greater efficiencies through technology is important," said Theresa Hainsworth, VP of Operations at Arrowhead Credit Union. "Once we installed ARCA cash recyclers, we experienced an immediate reduction in time spent processing transactions, increased cash handling accuracy, and more importantly we improved our member experience by providing additional time for our team members to focus on member service and engagement."

As a global leader in cash automation technology, ARCA's flagship CM18 helps credit unions and banks streamline operational costs—including the tedious task of manually counting cash so that tellers can focus on what matters most: members and customers.

"Many banks and credit unions underestimate the amount of time that tellers spend face-down counting cash and not being able to adequately engage with members," said Mike Mares, VP of Business Development at ARCA. "The CM18 is a perfect solution for this as it completely eliminates this manual task and greatly improves the customer experience."

Almost always, the benefits of teller cash recyclers can be seen in more than one way, and at Arrowhead Credit Union, this was no exception.

"It was easy to see the benefits created by having improved cash security by using a device that can do the heavy lifting," Hainsworth said. "The benefits reach across the organization. Team members can quickly balance each day and departments can spend less time researching errors." 

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