WDS and A Xerox Company Help Atom Bank at Mobile Banking Customer Experience

  • Mobile Banking
  • 15.03.2016 11:45 am

 As Atom Bank sets out to re-invent retail banking, it will introduce machine learning technology from WDS, A Xerox Company, to deliver a near human customer care experience via its mobile banking app.

Atom Bank, due to launch shortly, will not have any branches and customers will do all their banking through the app. The WDS Virtual Agent software tool is being integrated into Atom’s mobile app and will give customers the power to self-serve by getting immediate answers directly from the app. The technology learns through experience, just like people and the more the system deals with an issue, it will progressively learn the most efficient way to provide solutions to Atom’s customers.

Here’s the techy bit…based on machine learning technology, the WDS Virtual Agent will use analytics to capture the context of each customer inquiry and deliver relevant responses and solutions. It will learn through analysing customer behaviour, problems and solution success rates, increasing its effectiveness over time.

Helen Wilson, Atom’s head of customer service said: “We are setting out to offer a very different banking experience for our customers, using advanced technology to help provide customers with easy and intuitive ways to manage their money.  Ensuring help is always available is vitally important to us and the WDS Virtual Agent is an intelligent way of us helping our customers.”

If the app can’t fix a problem, WDS is also providing Atom with its Agent IQ software, which guides the 24/7 customer support team with the best questions to ask customers, along with supplying the best solutions. This software will also learn which agents are getting the best results and feeds that learning through to the rest of the team so customer queries are handled consistently in the best way.

“Together, these two services help deliver a consistent, secure customer experience through multiple channels, such as voice, email or webchat, paving the way for customer loyalty and growth,” said David Fox, European head of Xerox financial services. “Atom’s disruptive business model will help advance our ability to re-define the customer experience.”

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