MPowered Mortgages joins the Tenet lender panel

  • Lending
  • 17.06.2021 03:30 pm

Tenet Network Services, part of Tenet Group (“Tenet”), a leading financial adviser network supporting independent financial advice, has added MPowered Mortgages to its lender panel.

MPowered Mortgages, brought to you by MQube, offers lending for buy-to-let individuals, limited companies and portfolio landlords.  This is now available to Tenet’s advisers as part of the network’s lender panel.

MPowered Mortgages’ product offering comes alongside the innovative MPowered system, which Tenet’s advisers will also have access to. Advisers will benefit from a simple and intuitive system that enables cases to be submitted with ease. The simple document upload and full application process for brokers takes  just 10 minutes, efficiently leapfrogging the DIP (Decisions In Principle) stage.

MPowered Mortgages aim to deliver lending with certainty and control. The application process has been built alongside advisers to give them the tools they need to better serve their clients.

Additional benefits for Tenet’s advisers include:

  • Range of fee-free re-mortgages up to £1m
  • Fee-free remortgages for limited companies
  • 2 and 5 Year fixed periods up to 80%
  • CCJ – 1 satisfied up to £250 in last 3 years
  • Defaults over 2 years ignored
  • Local Authority flats up to 70%

Emma Hollingworth, distribution director at MPowered Mortgages, added: “We’re proud to be launching with Tenet Network Services today and look forward to helping them deliver the best possible service for their clients.

“Tenet share our ambition to make the mortgage application process even smoother for everyone, through the use of both a competitive product range and innovative tech.”

Ben Wright, director of strategic development at Tenet, commented:

“Using technology to make life easier is core to our strategy and we were impressed with MPowered Mortgages innovative approach to the application process. When combined with some great rates and broad criteria, we believe that the addition of MPowered Mortgages to our panel will provide our advisers with a competitive advantage.”

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