Mortgage Brain Announces New Criteria Live on Criteria Hub

  • Lending
  • 16.09.2020 08:49 pm

Brokers using Criteria Hub can now search across a host of new criteria on the market-leading criteria-based sourcing system from mortgage technology expert Mortgage Brain.

Over recent weeks a wide range of new criteria have been uploaded onto Criteria Hub, based on both the firm’s own research and feedback from advisers. The new criteria have all now gone live, after lenders completed the process of supplying the relevant information, opening them up for broker use.

The new criteria include:

●                 Employment: CIS contractor assessment

●                 Maximum number of stories where no lift is present

●                 New build(s) purchased off-plan considered

●                 Property ownership: splitting of a title deed on completion

●                 Sole application joint proprietor

●                 Property construction: tower block with cladding

●                 Applicants on furlough

Sharon Marshall, Intermediary Sales Director at Mortgage Brain, said“It’s been a tumultuous time for the mortgage market of late, with lenders and brokers alike having to rapidly adapt to the challenges presented by Covid-19. But even outside of the pandemic brokers are faced with an ever-changing and complex criteria landscape, which is why Criteria Hub is such an important innovation, making it far easier for advisers to understand lenders’ policy and identify the right products for their clients.”

“It’s crucial for us to respond to how the market is changing which is why it’s so vital that we continue to expand the number of criteria on the platform. We would like to pay tribute to advisers for their amazing support, and to lenders who have recognised our mission and embraced it.”

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