Tieto partners with the Finnish Transport Safety Agency

  • Infrastructure
  • 11.05.2017 12:30 pm

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Trafi, will purchase information system services from Tieto via a framework agreement. Tieto's experts will develop and maintain Trafi's information systems for road traffic, maritime, boating and information services. The contract period is valid from 2017 to 2021, with a total contract value of approximately EUR 11 million.

Trafi's strategic goal is to be a pioneer in the area of digital government services. Trafi currently has approximately 100 information systems that are used to provide the services.

"We are satisfied with the outcome of the tendering competition. Tieto was selected as Trafi's partner on the basis of their service model in combination with their expertise and price level”, says Heidi Rantanen, CIO at Trafi.

"We are very proud to be able to join Trafi on its mission to enable efficient mobility and mobility services for Finland. Trafi is a major customer of ours, and the agreement is a proof point of our efforts and investments in smart traffic services," says Cristina Petrescu, Executive Vice President, Public, Healthcare and Welfare, Tieto.

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