Hawe Telekom, an Operator of a Poland-wide Fibre Optic Network, Selects Beyond.pl for its Colocation Needs

  • Infrastructure
  • 09.08.2022 10:20 am

Hawe Telekom, an owner of a Poland-wide fibre optic backbone network, decided to migrate its IT infrastructure to one of the most secure data centres in Europe. The company chose Beyond.pl, an operator of data centres powered exclusively with green energy, as its colocation partner.

Hawe Telekom, until recently, opted for maintaining its corporate IT resources internally, based on on-premise hosted infrastructure. However, with the development of Hawe Telekom’s business and the expansion of its operations, the expectations of the company and its customers regarding the security and availability of its telecommunication services have increased. Hence, the telecommunication operator decided to transfer a portion of its physical IT resources to
a professional data centre that meets the highest security standards. 

Hawe Telekom migrated its aggregation and network traffic control resources to Beyond.pl Data Center 2, is one of the three most secure data centres in the European Union. The superior quality of the infrastructure is confirmed by the independent international ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 certificate, which allows guarantees 99.995% uptime for data centre services. For Beyond.pl customers, potential colocation services downtime is limited to a maximum of  26 minutes per year, and since commissioning in 2016 Data Center 2 customers have experienced 100% uptime.  

Colocation for an operator who provides services to other operators (carrier’s carrier)

Under the agreement, Hawe Telekom has obtained a dedicated server room designed and equipped by Beyond.pl according to the customer's specification, enabling Hawe Telekom to also offer colocation services to its customers from one of Europe's most advanced data centres. 

Being present with our infrastructure at leading data centres in Poland and reducing our carbon footprint related to the supply of power to telecommunication and IT are key parts of our long-term strategy. Building out our presence at the Beyond.pl’s Data Center 2 was only a matter of time,” said Paweł Paluchowski, President of the Management Board, Hawe Telekom.
“The speed and coverage of our fiber optic network combined with hosting our IT infrastructure at  Beyond.pl allows us to offer our customers stable telecommunication services that meet the highest security standards. We are also aiming to reduce our energy consumption costs, and Beyond.pl’s data centre facilities are well-known for their superior energy efficiency, which should help us meet this goal. 

As part of the colocation services provided under the agreement from Beyond.pl campus, the operator maintains one of Hawe Telekom’s main telecommunication nodes, which connects the main connectivity line with western Europe and beyond. 

Moreover, the colocation of the infrastructure of one of the key telecommunication operators at the Poznan campus strengthens the competitiveness of Beyond.pl’s connectivity offering.
Low latency of Hawe Telekom to certain directions will provide Beyond.pl customers direct access to transmission infrastructure that offers optimized latency and top security standards at a facility that is 100% powered with green energy. 

Secure telecommunication

For Hawe Telekom’s operations, vital considerations are network security and stability.
As a transit operator, the company provides data transmission services to telephone operators, cable TV operators, and Internet providers in Poland and abroad. What is more, Hawe Telekom’s fibre optic bus links Poland with network infrastructure in Germany, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Lithuania, among others.

“We are delighted that we have become the operator of the first choice for Hawe Telekom.
We see our cooperation as especially important because Hawe Telekom’s infrastructure is used to provide communication services to businesses all throughout Poland. This enables us to provide our customers access to services optimized in terms of  IT infrastructure colocation and connectivity, which many of our customers view as strategically vital,” said Wojciech Stramski, CEO, Beyond.pl.

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