ForeSee Releases Financial CX Suite

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  • 14.06.2017 11:00 am

ForeSee, the leader in Voice of Customer solutions, today announced a new solution to help retail banks prioritize investments across the customer journey for maximum business impact. 

ForeSee’s new solution, an extension of the awardwinning ForeSee CX Suite®, is built on the company's work with leading financial institutions like U.S. Bank, Union Bank & Trust, Lloyds Bank, and more over the last fifteen years. As the leader in the space, ForeSee works with eight of the top 10 and half of the top 50 retail banks, and measures nearly 200 channels and touchpoints for financial services organizations around the world. ForeSee has also created a dedicated professional services team with deep and broad retail banking expertise. 

"Banks are starting to realize that a strong CX program is the last frontier of differentiation," said Jason Huffman, Vice President of Customer Experience at Union Bank & Trust. "ForeSee has helped us prioritize the changes with the biggest ROI, allowing us to give our customers the world-class technology of a large, national bank along with the personal touch of a community bank.” 

“Retail banks are playing catch up to digitally demanding customers, and the emergence of fintech has disrupted the industry and upped the ante for retail banks to compete on delivering great experiences,” said Jason Conrad, Vice President at ForeSee and head of ForeSee’s retail banking practice. “The challenges can’t be overstated but the path forward is clear: since CX has a long-standing and proven impact on revenue, loyalty, NPS, and customer lifetime value, retail banks can and should use CX as a strategic and competitive advantage.”

ForeSee’s new retail banking solution allow clients to: 
• Measure the banking experience with a cross-channel measurement bundle that collects voice of customer data across desktop web, mobile web, mobile apps, email, banking branches, and call centers. ForeSee can provide CX scores and NPS scores for each channel and touchpoint. 
• Conduct strategic segmentation analysis, including integrations with other data sources already in place (such as the Adobe Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics) in order to determine who customers are, what they do, and where there are opportunities for upsell and cross-sell. 
• Identify and act on upsell opportunities by leveraging ForeSee’s Priority IndexSM, an industry first that takes a company’s CX scores from every customer touchpoint, as well as across the entire customer journey, and prioritizes the CX improvements that have the biggest impact on the business. ForeSee also offers smart question triggers that can hone in on opportunities for auto loans, mortgages, and other next-best action and cross-sell opportunities. 
• Optimize the customer journey by understanding how digital experiences contribute to actions in other touchpoints, why customers abandon, the role of branches in a modern customers' experience, and the critical interplay of various experiences at different touchpoints. 
• Grow earned loyalty by understanding customer experiences with a bank brand overall, as well as with individual touchpoints, measuring and understanding customer engagement, and conducting strategic segment analysis on lifetime value. 

These tools and apps have been carefully crafted for retail banks within ForeSee CX Suite, allowing companies to manage all of their customer experience intelligence needs from one place. Building on ForeSee’s proven measurement model, ForeSee CX Suite consolidates customer experience measurement tools, data, and insights into a unified suite. Armed with a comprehensive view of their customers, executives can now be certain about how to manage and prioritize CX improvements and profit from customer feedback.

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