USAM Group Adds Powerhouse Fintech Duo to Client Roster

  • FinTech StartUps
  • 06.12.2019 03:38 am

USAM Group, a global team of enterprise sales and marketing professionals that matches financial institutions with best-of-breed solutions from advanced information and technology vendors, is pleased to announce the addition of two complementary offerings to its rapidly growing roster of fintech solutions:  HeliumTM by Levyx is system-level data processing software that delivers unparalleled capacity, automatic persistence, and incredible speed, all while using any standard hardware.  Neueda is a data technology and integration specialist with extensive capital markets expertise and significant nearshore presence that offers the highest quality output across languages and disciplines. When paired together, these extraordinary solution providers help financial institutions achieve savings and competitive advantage by better managing and integrating all their trading data and by processing very large data sets, extremely efficiently. Dan Romanelli, USAM Group's Chief Strategy Officer, remarked: "One great example of how Levyx and Neueda are innovating is their collaborative solution that connects Helium with Python to deliver a new dictionary that extends to many terabytes on a single server.  The joint solution increases capacity by orders of magnitude, while also allowing concurrent access to the dictionary by persisting data, thereby removing a bottleneck that has long frustrated the Python community." Deirdre Sullivan, USAM's Creative Advisor, commented: "Data is the currency of our times, and firms that can pull it all together and analyze it in real-time will come out on top.  But achieving those goals is often hampered by long development backlogs and hardware-imposed limits that constrain operations." She continued, "Neueda and Levyx solve these challenges, and we're genuinely excited to be working with these great firms to help financial institutions focus on generating alpha instead of waiting for results or resources." 

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