Canada’s Top 4 FinTech Companies Which Attract Students

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  • 26.04.2021 04:24 pm

The finance game is on a rise and those who seek a career in this field have a lot to be happy about because their prospects are enormous. Nowadays, top fintech companies are earning hundreds of millions of dollars plus these firms are among the favorite startup enterprises among investors. If you don’t like math or statistics or anything that has to do with numbers then finance might be the most boring thing in the world for you. For those students who have a thing for numbers, volunteering in a top-notch fintech corporation might be a great start to a prosperous career in finance. Students from Canada have a lot of companies to choose from since there is some real economic boom happening among financial technology companies in Canada as we speak.


Although it was founded some fifteen years ago, this company managed to stay relevant and grow according to the latest trends in the e-commerce world. It has successfully adapted when social media expansion took off thus offering multiple new services to more than one million customers worldwide. Every Canadian expert on fintech will testify that they offer the best platform for online retailers with no competition that matches their level of service. If you are a young student looking for some great place to start your career, do not hesitate to send your CV plus your motivational letter to their headquarters. Companies such as these are always looking for sharp young talents.

Wave Financials

This is one of the finest and most prestigious fintech companies Toronto has to offer and its been taking over this market since 2009 onwards. They focused on small business owners, penetrating this market by offering even free bookkeeping software just to show off their skills and the level of premium service. After their initial success, they branched into processing credit cards plus invoicing so today they are a very finance student dream company. Being an intern while still studying ain’t easy especially in one prestigious company such as Wave. Writing essay papers, taking classes, and moving on a corporate ladder might feel overwhelming even for a top-notch student like yourself. 

Companies like Wave provide excellent working conditions, a lot of benefits like private healthcare or gym membership, but they require their interns to work hard and with dedication. That is why sometimes each student needs a paper writing service in Canada to help him juggle his studies with professional goals. Hiring the best essay writing service money can buy can help you stay focused on building your career in the fintech world. If you are on your way to acquiring your bachelor's degree in finance, Wave is one perfect place to apply for summer practice or volunteering. 


Freshbooks is another among many fintech startups Toronto gave us in the last two decades. The company grew steadily by digitalizing everything related to bookkeeping and turning it into software accessible from any mobile device. They provide service on a pay-per-use basis thus they handle accounting, expense tracking, and invoicing for small businesses. They always look for any talented student with some pre-knowledge of double-entry accounting or finance basics. Some fundamental knowledge of coding or programming languages is a big plus that will help you start your career at Freshbooks.


This little gem is a favorite among medium-sized businesses across Canada for one simple reason. It simplifies transactions and helps you avoid all that unnecessary paperwork. With their software, one can conclude business deals plus make all needed transactions with just a few clicks between any firm and their client. Getting into this company requires focusing on your academic studies with a determination that will earn you that degree in accounting or financial software development. Using Finencit solutions is as easy for the customer as for writers to put their signature at the end of an essay, which only shows you the level of their dedication to provide flawless service.

Dig deeper into the world of financial technology companies in Canada and you shall find a lot more prosperous companies that offer some great starting point for an ambitious young student. Do not get scared by today’s competitive job market. If you believe in yourself, work hard on developing your skills and you shall make it. The world of top fintech companies in Canada awaits you.


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