Diasoft Introduces New Offering "Procurement Management"

Diasoft Introduces New Offering
07.04.2014 01:00 am

Diasoft Introduces New Offering "Procurement Management"

Diasoft, a global provider of cutting-edge software solutions for front-to-back automation of financial services, introduces its new offering - Diasoft Balance, “Procurement Management”.

Diasoft Balance – is a fully-functional and multi-component solution, developed in accordance with the business-processes based approach. It ensures automation of supplier contract accounting processes of financial institution.

Diasoft specialists have developed and introduced to the market “Procurement Management” component in order to provide its customers with extended functionality of  Diasoft Balance solution.

With “Procurement Management” all the processes, including initialization, approval and realization of procurement procedures, holding of the tender and evaluation of existing suppliers become structured and optimized in terms of time. It allows forming procurement plan basing on existing as well as on potential contracts. New component appears to be a logical extension of Diasoft Balance supplier contract accounting functionality.

Diasoft Balance “Procurement Management” supports the following business-processes:

  • Procurement composition
  • Generation of Tender documentation
  • Organization of Tender committee meetings
  • Forming of procurement plan
  • Periodic assessment of suppliers

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