First Extensible Secondary Storage Platform Spans from the Edge to the Cloud. Cohesity Simplifies Data Protection

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  • 15.02.2017 09:00 am

Cohesity, the pioneer of hyperconverged secondary storage, today unleashed the release of Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition (VE) and Cohesity C2100 Hyperconverged Node products for distant branch offices. Together with Cohesity DataProtect, the new DataPlatform, VE product conveys an integrated software-only backup solution that deploys on virtual machines ideal for remote or branch office locations. Currently, data can be accumulated and replicated to a central data centre for disaster recovery and long-term retention with Cohesity’s intelligent, web-scale storage system, saving companies time and money. Along with the introduction of Cohesity DataPlatform VE, it provides the first integrated data protection solution that deploys from the edge to the data centre to the cloud, with a common feature-set and management interface.

Enterprises are grappling with exponential data growth that includes both on-premises data centers and cloud storage, as well as remote offices and devices on the edge. Deployed on VMware vSphere, Cohesity DataPlatform VE extends the capabilities of the company’s hyperconverged secondary storage platform by providing consistent management of data protection and backup workloads across all sizes and types of locations, including remote offices, regional data centers, core data centers and public clouds. 

“With the addition of DataPlatform Virtual Edition for remote sites, along with the previously announced DataPlatform Cloud Edition for public clouds, Cohesity can now provide a unified, end-to-end data protection experience that spans from the edge of the enterprise to on-premises data center to public clouds,” said Taneja Group Founder and Consulting Analyst Arun Taneja. “This demonstrates the power of software-defined secondary storage to provide seamless data protection solutions across all forms of IT infrastructure that exist in the modern enterprise.”

Cohesity DataPlatform VE eliminates the need to provision any new hardware in the remote or branch offices and can be remotely installed and administered without requiring on-site support, which is often in short supply at remote offices. Cohesity also released an entry-level hardware configuration that extends the reach of its data protection coverage for branch office or regional data center deployments. The C2100 entry-level hyperconverged node with Cohesity DataPlatform Standard Edition provides a dedicated data protection solution designed for environments with multiple server hosts and storage. With the addition of these products, enterprises are able to simplify the management of remote office backups, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

“Cohesity Virtual Edition provides the benefits of seamless hyperconverged secondary storage on a global scale,” said Cohesity Head of Product Management and Marketing Patrick Rogers. “With the growing amount of enterprises distributing across the globe, protecting data from the edge of the data centre to the cloud is a challenge. Cohesity Virtual Edition provides a highly-efficient and infinitely scalable storage architecture that addresses these changes.”

“This is a perfect use case for hyper-converged infrastructure,” said ESG Founder and Senior Analyst Steve Duplessie. “The benefits of centralised data protection with the simplicity and ease of a software only solution and the economics of the cloud make this incredibly attractive.”




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