DigiPulse DGPT Token Lists on Cryptopia After Successful Token Sale

DigiPulse DGPT Token Lists on Cryptopia After Successful Token Sale
29.11.2017 06:32 am

DigiPulse DGPT Token Lists on Cryptopia After Successful Token Sale


DigiPulse, the world’s first ‘digital cryptocurrency vault’ which provides an inheritance service for digital and crypto assets, has its DGPT token now listed on Cryptopia and Etherdelta.  The community’s confidence in the project is reflected in the value of the DGPT token, which was listed onCryptopia on Monday 20 November and has continued to increase in value.

The company has just closed a token sale which raised 3,474 ETH, which at the time of going to press is equivalent to almost $1.4million. It is arguably the first Latvian firm to do so. 

Cryptopia (https://www.cryptopia.co.nz) is the 41st biggest cryptocurrency exchange out of the 170 listed on Coinmarketcap. As a company coming from a startup background, the team was resolved on cooperating with the self-made New Zealand based exchange due to the authenticity of their journey to success. Being listed on Cryptopia enables anyone to trade DigiPulse DGPT tokens not only with Ethereum (on Etherdelta), but also with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Speaking at a privately held Rietumu FinTech Club event dedicated to the topic of building trust, DigiPulse CEO Normund Kvilis stressed that after several rejections from accelerator programs, “we were almost ready to scrap our idea, until the opportunity presented itself in the form of cryptocurrencies.  This was perfect because our service addresses one of the major flaws that cryptocurrencies themselves have, which is that in order to use cryptocurrencies you need to have a digital wallet.

“Cryptocurrency wallets consist of a public address and a password. If you lose either one of them, your assets are stuck in internet limbo. We offer, firstly, a way for you to pass your assets on, with an inheritance service, and secondly, a failsafe solution – in case your PC gets lost or your house burns down.  You can still access everything that you have stored. 

“We were in the right place at the right time and a lot of people were thinking about how to solve this problem.  It was the opportunity to involve ourselves in a exciting, new and developing market: cryptocurrencies.”

Normunds Kvilis continues, “Our system is based on smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, which are put together on top of our own blockchain which encrypts and stores the data in small chunks so it is practically impossible to hack.

“We are seeing a great deal of support from the crypto community because they are in need a product like this.  As people begin to use cryptocurrencies for a broader range of applications and hold significant crypto assets for investment, we must ensure that their families or friends receive their belongings if the worst does happen.”

If the customer chooses to remain anonymous, there is no requirement for them to share their details and the system can work by tracking activity by their digital wallet.

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