Alviere & Currencycloud Partner to Provide Multi-currency Cross-border Embedded Finance Solution

  • Cryptocurrencies , Cloud
  • 29.04.2021 11:55 am

Alviere, the New York-based embedded finance platform provider, has today announced a partnership with Currencycloud, a leading provider of B2B embedded cross-border solutions, to provide its enterprise-class clients with the functionality of Currencycloud’s Spark solution – a multi-currency e-wallet with individual IBANs that allows customers to pay, hold, convert and collect in as many as 38 currencies simultaneously.

Alviere, through its Hive modular API technology, will be able to offer its large corporate clients the ability to embed financial services into their businesses and provide a full range of financial services to their customers.  

The sophisticated technology behind both companies, combined with the speed of integration and breadth of offer gives Alviere increased capabilities and new business opportunities, in the form of providing real growth opportunities for their clients as they look to expand globally.  

Steven Scofelia, Alviere’s Chief of Staff, commented: “There is a real demand from our customers for cross-border functionality and it’s a strategic component of our growth. We are excited to launch our partnership with Currencycloud to offer a combined solution to existing and new Alviere clients.” 

David Heitzman, Vice President of Sales & General Manager of North America at Currencycloud, commented: “There was an immediate synergy between us and Alviere – their customer-focused approach to delivery mirrors ours and it felt like a perfect match from the start. That we both see embedded finance as the next big step for business is fantastic and we are thrilled to support Alviere in delivering that for its clients.” 

The Currencycloud Spark solution has been incorporated into Alviere’s Hive solution and is available to existing and new customers today. 

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