Crowdfunding industry in Asia leaps forward

  • 11.06.2015 01:00 am

Leading international crowdfunding platform FundedByMe today announces that its partner Alix Global Sdn Bhd, was awarded one of six coveted licenses to operate equity crowdfunding in Malaysia. Malaysia is the first South-East Asia country offering equity crowdfunding licenses. The license allows FundedByMe to start operations in the new market.

The announcement follows careful deliberations by the Malaysian Securities Commission, which closed submissions for licenses in May 2015. The license comes under Section 34 of the Capital Markets and Services Act (2007), by the Malaysian Securities Commission. It will permit the selected platforms to help privately owned businesses raise money from a spectrum of investors –– including institutional, accredited, and retail investors –– with limitations placed on non-accredited investors.

“We’re extremely excited to be one of the few platforms selected by the Malaysian Securities Commission today, which is a first for the region, and marks a historic moment for Malaysia and the crowdfunding industry. As a business-building crowdfunding platform, we together with our partners Alix Global are thrilled to help build this fast-growing industry of which empowers businesses through crowdfunding,” said Daniel Daboczy, CEO and Co-Founder of FundedByMe.

Said Daniel Gottfert, Director at Alix Global, “Today’s announcement is a huge win for Alix Global and our partners at FundedByMe. Together we bring the strengths from both our core competencies in marketing and crowdfunding, to build an engine for business-enabling services. We’re humbled to be selected to build the future, closely in collaboration with the Malaysian Securities Commission.” Alix Global is a specialist for digital marketing.

FundedByMe recently broke international crowdfunding records with recent campaigns that drew over US$10 million in funds in 2014 alone for fast-growing businesses all over the world, and are set to outperform those levels before Q3 2015. Some of these companies, like Carin Wester, Safello, and NOA Potions, have gone on to international acclaim.

More specific to the Asia Pacific region, FundedByMe has also worked hard to advance the industry in Asia, after setting up a regional office in Singapore in 2014. Earlier in May 2015, FundedByMe was part of another regional-first initiative alongside partners CoAssets and New Union, who together formed a FinTech Alliance in South-East Asia.

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