Creatio Launches Low-Code App Development Course for Universities and Colleges

  • CRM
  • 15.06.2020 03:16 pm

Creatio, a global software company providing a leading low-code platform for process management and CRM, today announced the launch of a free low-code application development online course for university professors and college teachers. The program is aimed at equipping educators with knowledge on how to create apps, make UIs, build business processes and automation, and customize data structure without extensive coding skills. This will help students develop new useful skills and prepare them for the low-code development future.

Starting today, June 15th, Creatio’s team of educational professionals will be sharing their knowledge, expertise, and practical experience with teachers and professors from over 100 institutions in North and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. The course includes a kick-off meeting, instructor-led training, e-learning, development of a project, consultations with trainers, and a certification exam. The duration of the course is 17 hours and it consists of in-class activities and individual practical assignments. Upon successful exam completion, Creatio provides Studio Creatio, enterprise edition subscriptions and course materials at no cost for educators to be able to hold the low-code app development course for their students. The best students will also get a chance to pass a citizen developer certification exam with Creatio for free.


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