New Partnership Between 4most and IE Hub to Support Millions of Vulnerable People Facing Financial Difficulties Amidst Pandemic

  • Credit Risk
  • 26.03.2021 11:24 am

Leading risk analytics consultancy, 4most, has announced its investment and partnership with innovative fintech, IE Hub, as part of a strategic drive to better serve the millions of people across the country who are currently facing financial difficulty.  The collaboration brings together 4most’s extensive risk and analytical expertise and IE Hub’s intelligent platform capabilities, to deliver invaluable benefits to credit providers, while securing the best possible outcome for customers.

IE Hub’s platform is a free online tool, which allows consumers to accurately share their financial situation in three simple steps across multiple organisations from lenders and creditors, to banks, energy suppliers, local councils and more. The app has been designed to save time and alleviate financial anxiety for the customer, while improving accuracy of data for lenders and organisations.  

Dylan Jones, CEO at IE Hub explains: “IE Hub allows credit providers to benefit from receiving more accurate data, thereby reducing operational cost, ensuring regulatory compliance and ultimately delivering a friendlier and more effective service to customers. With over nine million people having to borrow more money due to the impact of coronavirus and with the FCA reporting that up to 28 million adults could be vulnerable, engagement methods must be improved to support at-risk customers more effectively.  Working together with 4most, we aspire to make life easier for the growing number of people struggling financially in the UK today and to continue to make strides towards achieving our goals.

Rob McDowell, MD at 4most added, “Helping vulnerable people to gain and secure financial support at a time when they need it most, is a growing issue in our industry.  We are delighted to partner with IE Hub and to work alongside the company in its quest to support customers with their data accuracy and in sharing information securely with their lenders. We are also looking forward to using our analytical expertise in risk data and modelling to help IE Hub develop the best solutions and outcomes for customers.


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Financial anxiety is on the rise

Many people are facing financial difficulties right now

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