TransUnion Joins Provenir Marketplace to Help Businesses Accelerate Credit Risk Decisions

  • Security , Data , Credit Risk
  • 13.04.2021 03:50 pm

Provenira global leader in risk decisioning and data analytics software, today announced that TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) has joined the Provenir Marketplace. 

The Provenir Marketplace platform provides organizations with a one-stop data hub for easy access to data covering open banking, KYC/KYB, fraud prevention, credit risk, verifications, social media, collections, affordability and more. 

To meet consumer and business demands for instant approvals, organizations need immediate access to a wide range of data sources to make informed, accurate risk decisions. TransUnion, a global information and insights company, will provide Provenir Marketplace users with access to industry leading data, analytics and solutions for real-time credit decisioning and consumer or device authentication, ensuring consumers and organizations can transact with confidence. 

“This unique Marketplace brings together the leading stewards of data from around the globe to accelerate risk decisioning,” said Kathy Stares, Executive Vice President, Provenir Americas. “The wealth of data TransUnion brings will be extremely valuable to organizations seeking to make more informed decisions across the customer lifecycle.”  

The Marketplace provides users with access to a wide variety of traditional and alternative global data, enabling them to make smarter risk decisions faster. By leveraging distinctive identifiers, information and insights available from TransUnion alternative and trended data innovations, organizations can gain a deeper and more diversified view of consumers and stay ahead of evolving risk strategies.

“The access to data provided by the Provenir Marketplace aligns with our company’s intent to provide information that can help people around the world access the opportunities that lead to a higher quality of life,” said Aaron Smith, Vice President - Global Technology Alliances, Transunion. “We are excited to provide access to our incredibly valuable data through this innovative data sharing community.”

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