BPL Global Launches Market-Leading Portfolio Management Tool for Credit and Political Risk Insurance Clients: BPL Sphere

  • Risk Management , Credit Risk
  • 05.07.2021 03:30 pm

BPL Global, specialist Credit and Political Risk Insurance (CPRI) broker, has  further consolidated its position as the resident expert in the CPRI market with the release of its  latest innovation, BPL Sphere – a new platform designed to give clients full and immediate visibility  to their CPRI portfolio and exposures across their global operations.  

The platform, which BPL Global has developed and refined over the last twelve months, is believed  to be the most sophisticated of its kind in the market, and comes in response to the growing  demand among clients for sleeker, more holistic tools with which to analyse and utilise their  insurance data.  

The multi-faceted platform gives clients access to all their CPRI data through a single, user-friendly  portal. Dashboards track and display all aspects of a client’s activities, ranging from non-binding  quotations, through to bound policies, invoicing and claims, and their portfolio view can be filtered  according to requirement – for instance, by country, obligor, cover type, policy status, currency or  insurer security. The tool is designed to give complete oversight for risk management purposes, as  well as allowing for in-depth analysis of premium spend, insurer relationships and exposures, to  streamline internal reporting.  

James Esdaile, Managing Director at BPL Global commented: “We are delighted to bring BPL Sphere  to the market as the new cutting-edge of client servicing capabilities. From transactional flow to  counterparty risk management, this tool provides real-time data that has a myriad of uses  throughout our clients’ organisations.”  

Indeed, through the platform, clients are able to “slice and dice” their data according to their  individual needs, as well as extract it to use elsewhere within their management, systems, and  operations. BPL Sphere permits unparalleled visibility across clients’ country and counterparty  exposures, active policies and corresponding endorsements, invoices payments and claims.  Statistical data, together with copies of bound policies and endorsements, can be exported from the  platform for clients’ own internal needs, whether that be for their front, middle or back office  functions.  

“Our view has always been that we are custodians of our clients’ data – the data belongs to them  and we are there to support them in managing their exposures”, added Sian Aspinall, Managing  Director at BPL Global. “Through BPL Sphere, we are now able to empower our clients by furnishing  them with their own data, at new levels of usability. They can leverage this both internally, but also  with insurer markets, as a means of getting the most out of their insurance programmes.”  

Several clients are already enjoying the benefits of BPL Sphere, and BPL Global continues to roll-out  the platform across its client base, with its expert team of brokers on-hand to support new users  navigate the tool. 


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