Tinkoff Scores Highest on Customer Loyalty Among Russian Banks, Leading Banking Market Survey Shows

  • Banking
  • 27.08.2020 10:54 am

Tinkoff has become the leader among Russian banks in terms of customer loyalty as evidenced by a banking market survey conducted by Romir, Russia’s largest private holding that specializes on marketing, media and socio-economic research and represents Gallup International in the country.

Bank customer satisfaction was assessed using the NPS (Net Promoter Score) methodology. NPS is a metric related to the customer’s willingness to recommend a company to their friends or relatives as well to the customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With an NPS of 26% and the share of loyal customers reaching 50%, Tinkoff has become the absolute leader among Russian banks – three times higher than the nearest runner-up.

50% of Tinkoff’s customers are “promoters” (loyal customers) with only 24% of “detractors” (people who give negative feedback on the company). High income Russians aged 25 to 34 are the ones most willing to recommend Tinkoff.

For more details on the survey of customer satisfaction with Russian banks, visit Romir’s website.

The banking sector survey involved 1,500 respondents representing urban dwellers and reflecting the structure of the Russian population by gender, age, federal district, and type of urban settlements with over 100,000 inhabitants.

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