Rothschild Bank AG Taps Finantix Digital Engines

  • Banking , Infrastructure
  • 29.03.2017 12:30 pm

Finantix, an established provider of sales and advisory software for financial services, announced today that Rothschild Bank AG has chosen Finantix to support its growing advisory business. The Finantix digital suite of components and engines will empower Rothschild Bank AG’s client advisers in their daily activities, support regulatory compliance of the advisory process and enhance digital client collaboration.

Rothschild & Co has been providing investment management services and independent advice to a wide range of entrepreneurs, charities and foundations around the world for over 200 years. A distinct, long-term perspective sets the business apart, making it a secure home for the assets of its clients.

“As our clients become increasingly sophisticated financially, we want to respond to their needs and provide the best possible advice. We selected Finantix to enable us to deliver on our vision of providing independent advisory services with the optimum mix of personal relationships between clients and their advisers enhanced by the latest technologies,” said Laurent Gagnebin, Chief Executive Officer, Rothschild Bank AG. “By adopting Finantix Components we are ensuring that Rothschild’s client service remains of the very highest quality in this era of rapid digitisation and increased customer sophistication.”

The Finantix components will serve to create a systematic advisory process, improving the efficiency of customer interaction and digitising the client experience where appropriate while ensuring complete compliance with MiFID II/FIDLEG and associated cross-border rules.

Since January 2017, the Finantix professional services team has led the implementation, initially based in Switzerland. Finantix's domain specific and omni-channel engines and components will be fully integrated with Avaloq’s core banking system. Desktop and tablet tools will ensure a fluent, business friendly support of both bankers' and customers' daily activities. The Finantix engine will power much of the behind-the-scenes work and processes, reducing admin time so that advisors can focus on customers.

“We believe tomorrow’s customer advisory solutions will not be driven by data - but by dialogue. And so we are delighted to welcome Rothschild Bank AG, which prides itself on customer service, as a customer of ours. We look forward to a long and innovative partnership,” said Alessandro Tonchia, Director and Co-Founder of Finantix.

Rothschild is among a number of private banking and wealth management establishments looking to transform its advisory proposition while assuring compliance with the new regulations. With Finantix banks can ensure complete cross border compliance, while creating high quality advisory services across channels and devices that are intuitive, streamlined and profitable.

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