‘.bank’ Launches into General Availability

  • Banking
  • 18.06.2015 01:00 am

".bank” will launch into general availability on June 24 at 00:00:00 UTC for all eligible members of the global banking community. Managed by fTLD Registry Services, the private company owned, operated and governed by banks, insurance companies and their respective trade associations, “.bank”, is a new communications channel, fortified with enhanced security measures that exceed those of most existing and new gTLDs.  During the initial sunrise registration period, there were more than 700 applications made for “.bank” domains.

 “For banks looking for an innovative, secure way to connect with customers, partners and regulators, 
‘.bank’ is the solution,” said Craig Schwartz, managing director of fTLD. “This is a pivotal opportunity for the industry moving forward, and we’ve seen significant demand for ‘.bank’ registrations during sunrise. An increasing number of banks recognize that a ‘.bank’ domain will signify that their institution has been verified as legitimate and committed to implementing security requirements that go beyond existing standards to protect customers’ sensitive information.”

All “.bank” domains will meet enhanced security requirements that are not mandated in other top-level domains. Symantec, a global leader in security, is adding a layer of trust to “.bank” by verifying the authenticity and eligibility of companies requesting domain names before they are awarded. Additionally, Architelos will provide security monitoring services for the “.bank” domain and will provide an additional layer of protection to the new domains by implementing its NameSentrySM service to monitor for domain name abuse schemes including phishing, distribution of malware, use of botnets and spamming.


“‘.bank’ is the first top-level domain created specifically by and for the banking industry,” said Nate Wehunt, senior vice president and digital channels manager at City National Bank. “The enhanced controls and protocols that are integral to ‘.bank’ raise the standards for security. What’s more, this 

initiative provides a new layer of support for the ever-evolving cyber security space, and – as the first bank to be issued a ‘.bank’ domain name – City National is pleased to play a leadership role.”  

In addition, the enhanced security requirements will help eliminate cybersquatting and typosquatting. Requirements for strong encryption will help prevent cyber criminals from eavesdropping and data tampering, while ensuring that the intended recipient – other institutions, vendors, customers and regulators – is reading the exact communication sent.


“Symantec has partnered with fTLD to ensure that every ‘.bank’ domain begins with a solid foundation on which a bank can build and maintain its online brand,” said Geoffrey Noakes, Senior Director of Business Development at Symantec Corporation.  “We recognize the industry demand for a more secure channel to exchange information with other institutions, vendors and regulators. With a leadership position in the security industry, Symantec is proud to bring its knowledge and expertise to the ‘.bank’ platform.”

“More and more, clients are using online services to manage their financial lives,” said BB&T Chairman and CEO Kelly King. “The new ‘.bank’ domain is a great way to show them that financial institutions are committed to a safe and secure experience. This is an opportunity for the entire banking community to create a trusted and clearly identified space for online banking services.”

All chartered and supervised banks and savings association are eligible to register domains in “.bank.” All domains are available from fTLD-approved registrars and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The current list of registrars is available atwww.register.bank/registrars .

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