Authlogics New Suite Provides Three Authentication Technologies and Factors in one License

Authlogics New Suite Provides Three Authentication Technologies and Factors in one License
22.06.2017 09:45 am

Authlogics New Suite Provides Three Authentication Technologies and Factors in one License

Authentication Technology

Authlogics today announced the release of Authlogics Authentication Server 3.0, the company’s flagship Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) solution. The comprehensive authentication suite comprises three authentication technologies and factors, password replacement and self-management, multiple agents for 3rd party integrations, Two-Way ID telephone authentication and AuthentiDoc® document encryption - all included in one license with no hidden costs. 

Under the hood PINgrid, PINphrase and PINpass technologies can be found which provide affordable device-less one-and-a-half factor (1.5FA), strong two factor (2FA) and secure transaction signing three factor (3FA) authentication. These can be delivered in combinations of soft-tokens, token-less, TEXT/SMS one time codes with 100% offline options on a per user basis. This provides the IT department with flexibility and ease of administration without the associated costs of purchasing and managing a traditional hard-token based system.

  • PINgrid replaces passwords with a memorable pattern that automatically generates a One Time Code (OTC) each time you logon. The simple user logon process is both convenient for the user yet highly secure without high cost and complexity.
  • PINphrase challenges the user to provide random characters from something which the user already knows the answer to. PINphrase is the only off-the-shelf solution that enables an organisation to implement the ‘memorable information’ form of authentication, popularised by retail banks and can also be used for password replacement.
  • PINpass is a modern take on a random number based solution for organisations looking for an OATH standards-based approach to logon security. Combined with a PIN, or existing Active Directory password, PINpass provides traditional 2FA without the associated headaches.

Integration with applications and systems is key, so in addition to the out of the box WebAPI and RADIUS capabilities, Authlogics have also included the Windows Desktop Logon agent that secures the CTRL+ALT+DEL login process beyond just a password, as well as a Remote Desktop agent which plugs into the remote desktop gateways web login to provide MFA for remote desktop services. In the world of Cloud offerings, the ADFS agent secures the access to a multitude of Cloud applications, including Office 365 and Azure, while also providing single sign-on.

For the first time, Two-Way ID has been added to the suite in response to demand from security savvy customers wanting to quickly authenticate their customers, and themselves to their customers, over the phone without all the “I’ll have to call you back” and “mother’s maiden name” time consuming silliness. Another significant addition is AuthentiDoc®, a secure document authentication solution that uses PINgrid to enables any Microsoft Office, PDF or ZIP file to be securely encrypted, sent and decrypted by the authorised recipient, using a simple OTC.

CEO of Authlogics, Steve Hope states: “Organisations want the flexibility to employ the appropriate level of authentication for a given situation, without having to juggle different systems. The Authlogics Authentication Server 3.0 offers multi-factor in multiple ways to meet every conceivable authentication environment.” He adds: “We believe this to be the most comprehensive suite currently available under a single licence.” 

The Authlogics Authentication Server 3.0 now makes it quicker and easier for SMEs and Enterprises to deploy either on-premise, or cloud-based, via a single licence with no strings attached. While providing all the functionality of traditional 2FA solutions, it also provides answers to newer modern problems.


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