IDnow Announces Consolidation Into a Powerful Platform for Identity Proofing

  • Digital Identity , Authentication Technology
  • 10.03.2022 12:30 pm

Customers will benefit from centralized offering and new customer portal

IDnow, a European provider for identity proofing, will consolidate the comprehensive set of identification verification methods and document signing services into a single platform, to offer customers and their end users a secure, frictionless digital onboarding experience with even more transparency and greater flexibility.

Customers will benefit from the one-stop solution: companies can now seamlessly adapt, orchestrate, and scale all the identity proofing needs that enterprises and SMBs have through a single provider. This results in optimized conversion rates and faster, more intuitive onboarding for end users.

An essential part of the IDnow Platform for Identity Proofing is the new customer portal, My IDnow.

“IDnow understands the appetites of end users and the range of services that business customers need to satisfy them. Customers will benefit from our customer portal My IDnow, which is the information interface for the IDnow Platform for Identity Proofing, says Vikas Seth, CPO at IDnow. “Customers can actively manage and shape their end users’ identification experiences and diligently monitor verification outcomes using My IDnow. Leveraging the power of IDnow’s identity orchestration, customers can select and combine the identity verification products their end users prefer, offering multiple choices for identity verification,” he adds.

With the IDnow Platform for Identity Proofing and My IDnow, the company offers deep identity verification insights and analytics, which add even more transparency for companies. Fast integration of the latest security and regulatory standards ensures that identity proofing processes create trust and confidence between all parties.

“Our aim at IDnow is to enable digital identity business models to create high assurance, with maximum trust and security for businesses and their end users. We provide businesses with a unified set of methods to meet every identity verification and document signing need a company has - along with identity management services to effectively orchestrate, customize, and configure the proofing process,” says Vikas Seth CPO of IDnow. “We believe in a strategy that moves far beyond offering a single identity verification method. With our platform, we offer a future-proof solution that complies with different regulatory environments, covers a variety of use cases and anticipates customer needs - it’s as flexible and fast as our digital business environment has become,” he adds.

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