Meet Fidsy - A Clever New AI Assistant Even Small Businesses Can Use

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 01.12.2020 02:01 pm

Meet Fidsy - an AI assistant plugged in to every corner of your company that can analyse data at superhuman speed and share insights with you over a cup of coffee.

The voice-enabled analytics advisor offers plain English answers to what were once complex questions. What do my customers want? Is my business performing well? Am I on track to achieve my goals?

“Our vision is to democratise business intelligence software for companies big and small,” says founder and CEO Yigit Erol. “We do this by providing jargon-free and affordable access to valuable business insights, across all smart devices.”

Launching soon, Fidsy is currently working with beta customers who are helping to test the platform and provide valuable feedback while benefiting from the value Fidsy provides their business.

It brings all of your data together seamlessly from as many sources as you like including, but certainly not limited to, Google Analytics, Xero, Shopify and Facebook, integrating the lot, and offering a holistic view of your business you might never have seen before.

Gone are the days of emailing six different departments to get long-winded charts and reams of Excel-heavy spreadsheets that require painstaking data analysis. Simply ask a question and within moments get a straightforward answer.

Fidsy does it all for you and, of course, doesn’t need sleep so keeps an all-knowing eye on your company’s most important insights, identifies new ones and offers a raft of recommendations and solutions, 24/7. 

And if you ask it, it’ll even take actions for you. Want your quarterly results packaged into PDF? Just ask and Fidsy will oblige.

If you want to save time, money and get Enterprise level analysis at unprecedented speeds Fidsy is the cost-saving shortcut to business brilliance.

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