MDOTM Enters World’s Best AI Companies List

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 14.07.2022 04:35 pm

MDOTM Ltd., the global provider of AI-driven investment solutions for institutional investors, enters Fintech Global's list of the world's most innovative AI companies. Chosen among over 2000 international applications, a panel of industry experts selected MDOTM due to the company’s innovative approach to AI in Asset and Wealth Management and the growing adoption of its proprietary technology by institutional investors across Europe and the US.

Founded in London, MDOTM has pioneered AI-driven investment strategies for institutional investors since 2015. In its early stages, the company joined Google’s acceleration programme in Silicon Valley and then raised over $10 million from institutional and professional investors. With over 50 physicists, engineers and AI experts, MDOTM’s R&D recently became one of the largest AI-focused investment teams. The company’s international academic network of universities and industrial partners – MDOTM LAB – has led to MDOTM’s involvement in several research projects at the intersection of AI, Behavioural, and Sustainable Finance.

ALICE® – the company’s proprietary AI technology – is currently used by primary financial institutions, banks and insurance companies across Europe and the US to support their Asset Allocation decisions and launch new investment products. Thanks to its unique approach, ALICE® earned the “Excellence in Investment Advisory” award by the AIFiN committee and “Best New Product” at the Global Fintech Awards in New York, where the company plans to open its new office by Q4 2022 to accelerate its international scale-up.

Tommaso Migliore, CEO & Founder of MDOTM, commented: “As AI will keep playing a fundamental role in Asset and Wealth Managers’ strategies to stay competitive, being one of the most innovative AI companies is a further sign of MDOTM’s growing momentum and value that our technology brings to our institutional clients. This recognition pays off years and relentless efforts into making ALICE® the best technology for investment decision-making and consolidates our position as a trusted and reliable partner for any financial institution seeking to integrate AI into their investment process.”

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