IngDan Labs Announces Disruptive K-System to Unleash AI Industry Potential

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 03.07.2017 09:30 am

Cogobuy Group ("Cogobuy" or the "Company", stock code: 400.HK; with its subsidiaries (the ''Group'')), the largest e-commerce platform serving the electronics manufacturing industry in China, is pleased to announce IngDan Labs, its research unit, has launched an open Artificial Intelligence ("AI") platform – the IngDan Labs' Kepler System ("K-System"). The K-System is currently powered by the latest Microsoft's AI services and Allwinner's AI chipset, and will integrate more AI services from other providers and work with more other AI chips manufacturers in the near future. With "openness" as a key feature and its "enabling" function, the goal of the new platform is to address the key pain points of AI applications, and provide traditional enterprises and AI startups with an end-to-end easily-customizable AI turn-key solution. With K-System, IngDan Labs hopes to solve the current AI application bottleneck problems, enable the wide and rapid applications of AI technology, and unleash the power AI to vertical applications, which could potentially result in new business demand for Cogobuy in terms of AI services and AI chips distributions, and AI technology and innovation services.

AI vertical applications are far behind its technology development. Currently such technologies and services remain largely in the hands of a few large companies. Such a closed system creates "isolated digital islands," causing a lack of compatibility in user interaction, data, knowledge, and services, hindering the fusion of data, thus the development and deployment of the AI technologies and applications. 

IngDan Labs developed the completely open and disruptive K-System to address these issues. It provides an open turn-key AI solutions from hardware and software, to cloud and data services, facilitates easy customization for AI products and services in design and manufacturing, and accelerates the application development for enterprises adapting AI technologies. The K-System eliminates limitations of traditional closed cloud service bounded platforms, provides a unified API that can be connected to different cloud services, lowers the barriers of "isolated digital islands", and enables data sharing and trading under the permission of users by introducing the new "data bank" concept and solution. 

The platform was created through a cooperation between IngDan Labs, Microsoft, and Allwinner. Dr. Ming Zhou, Assistant Managing Director of Microsoft Research Asia, commented, "Through IngDan Labs' K-System, we are able to offer Microsoft's technologies and services to more developers, and obtain valuable feedbacks from those developers on the products they launch."

Chief Technology Officer of Cogobuy and IngDan, Dr. Shipeng Li, said: "AI is found playing a more and more important role in our daily lives, including applications across our home appliance, vehicles, healthcare and other areas. It is inevitable that more and more applications will be powered by AI. At IngDan Labs, as a pioneer in the AI industry with a world-class R&D team, we have in-depth expertise in AI area, understand well companies' needs when deploying AI technologies, and provide value-added innovative technical solutions to large corporations, entrepreneurs, innovators and startups. We are actively working to accelerate AI applications in traditional industries, helping them to evolve faster. 


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