Opus Launches New Solution to Simplify KYC for Financial Institutions

Opus Launches New Solution to Simplify KYC for Financial Institutions
29.01.2019 04:54 pm

Opus Launches New Solution to Simplify KYC for Financial Institutions

AML and KYC , Risk Management

Opus, the leading provider of global compliance and risk management solutions, announces the launch of Clarity KYC, its new Know Your Customer (KYC) workflow automation and risk intelligence solution. The product is aimed at financial services clients, providing a modern, easy-to-use SaaS solution that reduces the time and cost of client onboarding and improves the speed and accuracy of the customer due diligence process.

Regulations such as the Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD) and FinCEN’s CDD Final Rule place more stringent requirements on global financial institutions, while the associated costs and time to onboard new clients continue to rise. Clarity KYC supports financial institutions in achieving a clear, comprehensive view of risks that’s intuitive, integrated and adaptable, allowing them to stay compliant and realize opportunities even as the landscape continues to shift.

Clarity KYC integrates business entity identification, screening and due diligence, reporting and monitoring into a single, easy-to-use solution. Built on a proven, enterprise-grade cloud platform that supports the world’s largest financial institutions, Clarity KYC enables global banks to conduct the most comprehensive KYC checks in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Clarity KYC provides one of the most comprehensive sources of risk data, leveraging the most modern and innovative AI-powered technologies to access both traditional and open source content. Clarity KYC reduces the amount of effort needed to conduct research, due diligence and identify hidden risks. Tasks that were formerly done manually or required multiple steps can now be completed quickly, simply and automatically.

“Our banking customers have asked us for a faster and easier way to meet their due diligence and compliance needs in KYC, AML and other related areas,” said Emanuele Conti, CEO of Opus. “We worked with them to design this new solution, pulling in advanced entity resolution and workflow capabilities into a more modern and intuitive user experience.  We are looking forward to helping all of our customers simplify their processes, save time and reduce their risks.”

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