TurnKey Lender Receives an Accreditation From IMDA Singapore

  • Alternative Finance , P2P Lending , Cloud
  • 09.04.2019 02:51 pm

TurnKey Lender, the market’s leading provider of lending automation solutions and services, has received accreditation from IMDA Singapore - a statutory board in the Singapore government. The Accreditation@SGD program is focused on accelerating the growth of innovative technology companies by selecting the best ones and helping them establish credibility in the eyes of local and international partners.

Launched in 2014, this program provides the end-users of digital products with an assurance that the company is reliable and is able to deliver high-quality products and functionality. In order to receive the accreditation, a company has to go through a complex process of evaluation of its technical, financial, and operational stability. The criteria include but aren’t limited to functionality, performance, scalability, security, usability, the reliability of financial information, leadership’s qualifications, services’ and products’ delivery.

The IMDA accreditation is a part of Singapore’s government ongoing efforts to nurture the Cybersecurity ecosystem and enables the accredited companies to expand into international markets easier. The approved solutions are recommended for adoption by government agencies and enterprises.

“This accreditation is a big step in helping TurnKey Lender build trust and establish itself as a reliable partner for government and large enterprise clients,” says Dmitry Voronenko, the CEO and co-founder of TurnKey Lender. “We will keep on working with every bit of dedication we have to achieve fair lending globally. And in the meantime, it’s really good to know that Singapore’s regulating bodies recognize the quality of TurnKey Lender’s products and the expertise of our team!”

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