Andaria Set to Redefine Customisation With Launch Of Innovative Embedded Finance Offering

  • Alternative Finance
  • 13.11.2023 10:15 am

Andaria, a UK and EU-regulated fintech business that aims to make digital financial services accessible, simple, and transparent, has launched its Embedded Finance solution to help non-financial businesses integrate payments services into new and existing platforms.

Andaria’s new offering will enable partners to enhance their platforms with a wider range of financial products and services, thereby unlocking new revenue streams while delivering exceptional value to their customers. The solution will help improve customer engagement by creating a cohesive, user-friendly financial ecosystem experience within partner platforms, while still allowing them to maintain their core business focus.

Backed by cutting-edge technology and AI enhancements, Andaria’s new solution ensures security, compliance, and a seamless user experience to make financial interactions more inclusive, convenient, and rewarding for partners and their customers.

Additionally, through Andaria’s recent partnership with Discover, partners can build loyalty amongst end users by offering branded debit cards that are compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay, thereby providing access to a wider network of payment solutions.

Nirav Patel, CEO of Andaria, said: "We are setting a new standard for the financial services industry with our new embedded finance solution by offering our clients the opportunity to achieve lower transaction costs, improve operational efficiency, and improve customer engagement.” 

“The beta testing phase, which we carried out earlier in the year, led to a projected growth in revenue and an increase in customer engagement for our partners, which helped to reaffirm our commitment to driving success and delivering value."

Andaria’s integration into an Embedded Finance solution marks the company’s next phase of growth and commitment to providing solutions, giving partners a competitive edge by placing them at the forefront of the tech innovation curve.

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