World’s First Digital Cryptocurrency Vault DigiPulse Reaches $1million in Token Sale

DigiPulse (, the world’s first ‘digital cryptocurrency vault’ which provides an inheritance service for digital and crypto assets, has reached the $1million mark in a token sale which ends on 31 October 2017.  The new brand enables customers to safely secure and pass on their digital assets to those they care about when they pass away.  These assets can include cryptocurrencies, digital images and other documents. Read more »

Exscudo Launches Bug Bounty Campaign

Exscudo, the financial ecosystem which unites cryptocurrency markets and traditional finance is happy to announce the beginning of the bug bounty program. Bug bounty officially started on October, 9. A few weeks earlier the project also launched the EON blockchain public testing (testnet). Exscudo is developing a number of sophisticated products, including a trading platform, a mobile wallet, a decentralized messenger and a b2b merchant.... more Read more »

Leading Cryptocurrency Service Bonpay Announces BON Token Sale Campaign

Bonpay, the cryptocurrency service on a mission to provide worry-free financial freedom to the masses has announced its crowdsale. The platform that enables users to conduct transactions involving ERC20 compatible cryptocurrencies without the presence of third parties will embark on its crowdsale campaign by mid-October 2017. Read more »

Javvy Crypto Solution Profile Launched on Fundable

Javvy Technologies, creator of the Javvy Crypto Solution, has launched the company's profile on Fundable. The ultimate cross-platform wallet, with a built-in cryptocurrency exchange, delivers a comprehensive solution to buying, selling, converting, using, and managing all major cryptocurrencies from a single, elegant, and intuitive user interface. Read more »

Etherparty Thwarts Site Attack on Successful ICO Launch Day

Vancouver-based Etherparty today launched the official public crowdsale for their FUEL token, the cryptocurrency that will power self-executing digital agreements on the user-friendly smart contract platform. One hour after the ICO officially went live, the company identified a potential security issue, caused by a fraudulent contribution address, and temporarily shut down the website to protect all participants. Read more »

Pundi X Reveals First Retail Point of Sale Solution for Cryptocurrency in Indonesia

Pundi X, a blockchain startup that aims to make cryptocurrencies an enabler of ubiquitous cashless payment environments across South East Asia, has unveiled the Pundi X POS (Point of Sale) smart device to enable shops, cafes and convenience stores to sell cryptocurrency to a broad cross section of general consumers who would otherwise have little or no access to cryptocurrency. Read more »

The ICO Summit Cements Switzerland As The Global Crypto Finance Capital

The ICO Summit, an event hosted by SMART VALOR, brought together many of the leading experts in crypto funding to share their experience and best practice for successful ICO execution. Read more »

UQUID COIN: Token Sale Announced for the E-commerce Revolutionizers

UQUID, the world's premier service that lets users spend 90 different cryptocurrencies through their virtual debit card, has announced that it will hold an Initial Coin Offering in a bid to raise $100 million worth of cryptocurrencies to further develop their ecosystem. By providing an instantaneous and hassle-free way to cash out the 90 different cryptocurrencies, UQC seeks to pioneer a revolution in blockchain e-commerce. Important Dates  Read more »

Final hours of COSS Token Swap (ICO): What's next?

For many startups that have undergone an ICO-stage within the last couple of years, the time following the ICO is more important than the ICO itself, as this is the time when ideas can be truly evaluated on the point of their viability and profitability. To put it more simple, that's the time to get the real work done - the IT development, the technical implementation, the product release and so on. Not every project makes it until this stage.... more Read more »

ICO Launch, Crowdsale Marketing, Legislation - These and Other Topics to Be Covered by ICO Event Moscow Speakers

September 20, the Russian capital will host ICO event Moscow, an event dedicated to cryptocurrency crowdsale. Leading Russian and foreign experts will tell how to launch ICO, consider legal aspects of crowdsale and discuss market trends. Read more »

UTRUST raises over US$1.5m prior to the public ICO

UTRUST , the world’s first cryptocurrency payments platform to implement consumer protections on a mass scale, today announces its pre-ICO sold out in 90 minutes raising over US$1.5m. The initial fundraising precedes the first round of the public ICO that’s due to commence on September 20th, 2017 at 1400 (BST) with a higher cap set at US$4m. Read more »

Canadian Securities Administrators on Cryptocurrency Offerings

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) today published CSA Staff Notice 46-307 Cryptocurrency Offerings, which outlines how securities law requirements may apply to initial coin offerings (ICOs), initial token offerings (ITOs), cryptocurrency investment funds and the cryptocurrency exchanges trading these products. Read more »

New Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs from Hminers Receive Positive Feedback from Users

Hminers is pleased to reveal that their recently launched cryptocurrency mining rigs are off to an encouraging start, with positive reviews coming in from several users. It may be recalled that the company has recently come up with H2U Miner, H4U Miner, and Rack Equipped with 5 x H4U, three advanced and powerful mining rigs that have already shown promises of making a strong impact on the rapidly expanding crowdfunding market. Read more »

Hminers Launch the Most Powerful Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs with Unique Features

 Hminers is delighted to announce the mega launch of three new products that will make cryptocurrency mining easy and efficient like never before. This Miami-based organization is one of the most trusted names in the cryptocurrency market with the distinction of creating the world's first 10 nm ASIC Chip. The company's three new products H2U Miner, H4U Miner, and Rack Equipped with 5 x H4U are now up for sale at Read more »

KyberNetwork Reveals Digital Currency Exchange

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are under attack. The solution is a platform that is completely ‘trustless’ and secure, built on the very technology that is being traded in these exchanges.  KyberNetwork is a new exchange that leverages the Ethereum blockchain, instant trades, low fees and high liquidity and allows the trading of any cryptocurrency while supporting complex financial transactions like derivative options and forward contracts. Read more »


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