One-stop-shop for your Finances

Financial IT interviews Adam Dell, Founder and CEO of Clarity Money. 
Financial IT: What inspired you to establish Clarity Money?
Adam: The inspiration behind Clarity Money was to be able to create a tool for consumers to improve their financial well-being at the touch of a button. Banking and financial institutions already have powerful tools designed to sell, market and retain customers. 
But the consumer doesn't have an equally powerful tool and that is at the core of what Clarity Money aims to do. We empower the consumer to have transparency and control of their finances.
Financial IT: What are the key challenges and opportunities of Clarity Money app for the customers?
Adam: Consumers are growing tired of being taken advantage of by their financial institutions and are looking for champion of their money. The mission of Clarity Money is to level the playing field between consumers and big financial corporations. 
There are so many personal finance apps on the market that claim to be the solution for saving, investing and budgeting finance but do not do them all, with Clarity Money you can have that all in one place. 
Financial IT: Can you tell use case of your Clarity Money app? What value does the mobile app bring to consumers?
Adam: Consumers can sign up for the free app and link together their financial accounts. Once the account is activated, users are presented with a dashboard meant to showcase a holistic view of their finances. The dashboard also provides insight and actions to help users improve their financial well-being.
Inside the app, users can easily and securely cancel subscriptions, find a better credit card that’s more tailored to their needs and negotiate bills.
Financial IT: How do you evaluate Clarity Money in terms of market competition? What is the Clarity Money’s main competitive advantage?
Adam: Clarity Money is a one-stop-shop for your finances. Using data science and machine to personalize the app for every single user, through a combination of techniques from Natural Language Processing and Anomaly Detection to Spectral Analysis of spending patterns.
Clarity Money fills the role of your own personal financial advocate and is one of the only products on the current market to do so.
Financial IT: What are the main goals you have for Clarity Money? 
Adam: One of the main goals of Clarity Money is to educate consumers on managing their own finances and be their advocate. We aren’t looking to sell a product to our users but allow them the tools they need to manage their own finances, without having to rely on a traditional financial institution.

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