Pioneering Global Payments: An Exclusive Q&A with Matthijs Boon, COO of Equals Money

  • Matthijs Boon, Chief Operating Officer at Equals Money

  • 17.07.2024 08:45 am

Q&A Interview with Matthijs Boon, Chief Operating Officer at Equals Money

Financial IT: In your view, what are the biggest trends shaping the future of global payments, and how is Equals Money positioned to capitalise on these trends?

Matthijs Boon: The world is becoming increasingly global, with more businesses serving clients across diverse industries worldwide. One major trend is the importance of recognizing inbound funds in real-time, which allows businesses to release products or services to their clients promptly. Equally important is the ability for businesses to pay their invoices on time, in full, and just in time, anywhere in the world. This efficiency in cash flow management ultimately enhances customer service and experience.

At Equals Money, we have invested in a robust infrastructure of different banks, enabling us to collect money globally via multiple channels, including dedicated accounts and payment gateways. This infrastructure allows us to recognize funds instantly and continue expanding our reach to offer these solutions to clients around the globe. Moreover, we focus on the speed and reliability of payment delivery through strong banking partnerships, ensuring near-instant payments anywhere in the world. Our goal is to support businesses in operating efficiently without worrying about the complexities of money movement.

Financial IT: How does Equals Money personalise its solutions to meet the specific needs of different businesses?

Matthijs Boon: Many businesses offer a one-size-fits-all solution, but we take a different approach. We recognize that each business has unique complexities and pain points. Therefore, we engage with our clients from the prospect stage to understand their specific needs. Our platform is flexible enough to adapt to these requirements, whether it's from a reconciliation perspective, compliance needs, or the structuring of accounts and information.

By addressing the specific challenges faced by businesses in various verticals, we can tailor our solutions to meet their needs effectively. This personalised approach ensures that our clients get exactly what they require to operate smoothly. Additionally, if we can solve the issues for a few clients in a particular segment, we can usually extend those solutions to other businesses in the same segment facing similar challenges.

Financial IT: Equals Money combines payments technology with currency expertise. Can you elaborate on how this combined approach helps businesses achieve greater efficiency in managing their international cash flow and expenses?

Matthijs Boon: Equals Money offers a comprehensive suite of services, including FX payment capabilities and card issuance, which allows us to provide transactional banking activities for our clients. Our expertise in both payments technology and currency management means we can offer end-to-end solutions that cover everything from collecting funds via acquirers or directly into accounts to recognizing those payments instantly and managing subsequent liabilities.

For example, once payments are collected and recognized, businesses often need to manage their supply chain, currency exposure, and make payments to suppliers. Our solutions ensure that these processes are handled efficiently, from the point of service offering to delivery to the end client. This comprehensive approach streamlines cash flow management and reduces the operational burden on our clients.

Financial IT: What exciting developments do you see on the horizon for Equals Money?

Matthijs Boon: One of the most exciting recent developments is the launch of our European entity. After acquiring the entity last year and completing the change of control process, we are now fully geared with banking partner support for multi-currency operations. We are ready to execute our go-to-market plans and expand our presence in the European market.

Additionally, we are actively exploring opportunities in the UAE and the US. We are working with various businesses to enhance our indirect sales process and are prepared to support the growing demand for embedded finance solutions. There is a lot happening at Equals Money, and we are constantly working on new initiatives. By next year, we hope to share more about our achievements and future plans.


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