​​Interview with Viktor Wrede, CEO at Scrive

1. Could you please tell our readers more about Scrive?

Scrive has over a decade of experience serving the financial industry as a partner and guide in digital transformation. Specifically, Scrive addresses the area of agreements-based business processes by providing workflow solutions built around the electronic signature and identity verification services. BFSI organisations across the spectrum - from traditional players to challenger banks to fintech and insuretech - continue to place their trust in Scrive not just for the quality of the solutions, but for Scrive’s expertise and responsiveness in providing advice, guidance and ongoing support in the areas of business processes, technical implementation, regulation, risk, security, change management and solution adoption.

2. What have been the key drivers of the growth of Scrive over the last few years?

There is never one thing that makes the difference but for us, at Scrive it has especially been a combination of: 

  1. Hard Work: Since day one we have had an exceptional team that has been working really hard in order to first educate the market and then ride the wave of increased digitalisation

  2. Happy customers: You have to know how to act to attract new customers, and equally importantly what to do to have them stay and even better grow together with you. We always focus hard on our customers and are rewarded with a good Net Revenue Retention. 

  3. Focus: When first finding product-market fit we brought in every type of customer that we could find, but to grow past 10 MEUR in ARR we found our focus which helped us prioritise in all areas of the business, from sales material to what features to prioritise.

3. In your opinion, what are the challenges and trends in the financial services industry?

There is a lot happening in the financial services industry but from our perspective, we mainly see two things. 

  1. Borders are being wiped out, the new fintech solutions are intended to be global from the start. That puts a real demand on how you work with, knowing your customers and living up to local regulatory requirements.

  2. End-customers demand seamless onboarding no matter if you are a smaller fintech or multinational bank the expectation from the market is to have a world-class user experience.

4. What is next for Scrive?

We are continuing our journey to help companies enable more business and save time by providing a better customer experience in more channels. We will expand our product portfolio to better support the building of customer journeys and adding more electronic identity and identity verification options to support markets in the way that they expect. 

5. Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

It takes time and a lot of work, we read the stories in the news about incredible growth journeys but those are rather the exceptions and the inspiration, it often takes 5-10 years. But to give yourself the best possible opportunity to find your niche and be laser-focused and really excel in that.

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