The future of merchant onboarding in retail finance

  • Maxine Moon, Founder of Imegamedia and Director of Merchant Onboarding at Deko

  • 20.12.2021 06:52 am
  • Imegamedia was acquired by Deko Group in August. What brought the two companies together?

Over the past 10 years, Imegamedia has emerged as one of the leading players in retail finance integration. We have an ever-expanding international client base, working with some of the most recognised lenders in the UK, Europe and America, and we are committed to providing innovative offerings that help our partners stay ahead of the competition. 

Deko and Imegamedia share a purpose and mission to make it simple for any merchant, lender or sector to access checkout finance. We also both work with multiple lenders. As a result, the two ecosystems are very well-suited. We felt that we could work together very productively to achieve Deko’s goal of converting ‘any basket, anytime, anywhere’. Imegamedia and Deko already have a long-standing relationship – a partnership was the next natural step. 

As part of Deko Group, Imegamedia aims to become a trusted partner to a wide range of global lenders and retailers. Deko’s innovative multi-lender approach to retail finance aggregates the market, whilst Imegamedia provides an end-to-end ecommerce solution. 

  • What does this acquisition mean for the market? 

Deko’s offering is special because it takes a marketplace approach to lending. This means that consumers can go through several lenders in a click of a button until they find their perfect match. This maximises checkout acceptance rates, and in turn, boosts merchant sales. This is a significant point of difference within the market.

At Imegamedia, we have the ability to onboard new partners more quickly than any of our competitors. Since launch, we have onboarded 17 financial services partners. As a result, this deal will elevate Deko’s services to provide it with expanded integration capability, giving merchants even more power. We will offer a same-day installation service for any merchant across any sector, meaning that customers have much faster access to Deko’s unique multi-lender platform.

  • How has the transition been so far and how have your customers responded?

We’re very pleased with the progress that we’ve seen in the first few months of the transition. Both Imegamedia and Deko have undergone an intense period of growth and development recently, thanks to the significant acceleration of ecommerce and checkout finance throughout the pandemic. This laid some strong groundwork ahead of the acquisition, and we have built on this in the opening months of our partnership. 

Importantly, the acquisition has been well received by our customers. Throughout the transition, a key priority for Imegamedia has been to ensure that we continue to deliver the same exceptional service to our existing partners. Now, as we move forward with the integration with Deko, our partners will have access to new features that can boost the power of their checkout offering – and, as a result, increase their sales.

  • Looking forward, what is your strategy to grow Imegamedia with Deko?

There is huge potential for growth in the sector. Checkout finance usage has gained significant momentum recently, with more than 17 million UK customers having used a buy now pay later company to make an online purchase. This is only set to increase. Earlier this year, it was estimated that four in 10 Britons had utilised a buy now pay later service, and the market is expected to double in size by 2023. 

Our strategy is focused on expanding integration capabilities and reach for both merchants and lenders. In addition, we also have ambitions to expand into other BNPL markets, in order to help boost sales and drive growth for merchants on a global scale.

In terms of business operations, we are looking to develop our technology as well as to expand our team with exceptional talent. All of the above will help Deko and Imegamedia to grow our unique offering and help as many merchants as possible to increase the power of their checkout finance.


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