Banking-as-a-Platform (BAAP)

  • Malikkhan Kotadia, Mentor at The FinLab Pte Ltd

  • 18.10.2016 11:00 am
  • Banking

Many commentators and thinkers have spoken about how platforms have disrupted most areas of life and business. A core theme of web 2.0 is the emergence of platforms as compared to the old model of pipes.

Platforms are now the largest players in many segments- from Apple to Andoird to Facebook to Alibaba to Uber to Airbnb etc.

With the ubiquity of platforms, it's only a matter of time before banking pivots in that direction too- from financial supermarkets to platforms. The 'bank' will become the core, while fintechs will become the 'front end' apps, servicing varied needs of consumers (especially millennials) in an efficient, fast and cheaper way...


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