Navigating a Digital Landscape: The 2019 ProcureCon Indirect Report

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  • 14.01.2020 12:58 pm

Last year the WBR Insights team interviewed 100 Heads of Indirect Procurement from companies across Europe to find out more about the challenges they face and the innovative solutions they’re bringing to the table.

Read the full report “Navigating a Digital Landscape: Bringing Sustainability and Innovation to the Indirect Procurement Process here


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Inside You Will Discover:

  • The role of data analytics and predictive analysis to inform decisions on suppliers, spend and costs
  • The introduction of RPA into the procurement process
  • The competencies Indirect Procurement Leaders excel at and the ones which they are most keen to improve
  • The main source that drives the organisation towards sustainability and diversity
  • The primary drivers for implementing sustainability initiatives in the business
  • The biggest challenges in aligning the global and local business area requirements to provide a glocalised best-in-class procurement service

Key Findings in the 2019 Report:

  • For 82% of respondents, eProcurement is either important or vital to the procurement strategy
  • 45% of respondents are planning to introduce RPA into the procurement process within the next two years, and a further 34% have already done so
  • 17%  of respondents are unconcerned about the potential impact of further trade tariffs and international trade protectionism

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