Sahi Pro powers Regression Testing of Cash Management and Loan Origination Systems from Integro

05.10.2015 10:40 am

With numerous change requests being raised by banks from time to time on Integro’s cash management and loan originating product, it became a challenge to ensure that every release provided by developer was good and stable. In addition, some new project joiners required more time to pick up the product knowledge. As a result, some testing scenarios were getting missed out during the regression testing. To solve these challenges, Integro started looking for a good automation tool which can assure the testing quality, in addition to providing script reusability.

Integro Technologies took some time to experience the benefits of Sahi Pro by downloading a fully functional trial version of Sahi Pro and receiving support while trying out the tool. They were able to justify that it was a good tool which can compete with other well-known tools in the Asian market.

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