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Currencycloud Payment Engine Two

First Release Date:
Current Version: 2.0
Language Support:
United Kingdom
Technology Category: Transaction Banking Payments SWIFT

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Product/Service Description

Established in early 2012, Currencycloud offers a digital toolbox of customizable payment focused APIs, enabling businesses around the globe to build payment solutions, facilitate seamless cross-border bank transfers and connect to the global economy.
Our second-generation Payment Engine is at the heart of everything we do. It’s a cloud-based platform that our clients rely on to streamline and automate the way they send and receive money internationally. Incorporating over 35+ currencies in 212 countries, clients benefit from the full payment lifecycle – from receipt of funds to conversion and payment – to deliver simple, transparent, and fast transactions.
Currencycloud’s API's are inspiring the next generation of companies by creating a better tomorrow for all.

Customer Overview

Total Number of customers 200+
Customer Size Medium
Customer Type FXs, Prepaid Programs, Payment Service Providers, Digital Marketplaces, IT Integrators
Target Market Europe , Global , North America
Specific georgaphical coverage United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Clients can manage their end to end international payments with Currencycloud for 0.25%, regardless of currency and destination. Clients choose their Payment Model Local - From $0.50 Payments normally take 1-3 days and cover 31 countries.
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  • Currencycloud’s new Cash Manager feature allows companies to pre-fund their account how and when they wish, so that international payments can be grouped and organised in advance
  • This increased control helps clients to optimise internal process flows, while maintaining complete oversight of individual transactions. It also allows businesses to save time by making payments directly from a held balance, rather than waiting for funds


  • The agile API creates a seamless set-up process for clients, while the simple user interface ensures the ongoing experience is just as simple and frictionless
  • As a result, clients are able to scale and respond to the demands of their business and their customer, as their global payment flows increase

Platform & Workflow

Server OS Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake, Debian, SuSe, etc.)
Workstation OS Linux , Mac
Programming Language and API Currencycloud's Payment Engine is built on RESTful architecture, making it easy to integrate and simple to use with pre-written bundles of code to speed up deployment
SetUp and Installation Options Web-based solution for front-end clients and API integration for back-end clients.
Deployment Period Currencycloud uses Agile methodology and releases every two weeks
Reporting Capabilities Currencycloud provides reporting tools to customers (accessible via API or UI) and we have our own reporting tool embedded within back-office.
Security Options Currencycloud is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and fully compliant with global AML and sanction screening laws. Currencycloud can also manage clients' KYC processes.
The product/service compliant with the following regulatory standards ISO 27001

Connectivity, Hosting and Intergration

Hosting Option Hosted by third party , Hosted by provider
Hosting provider undisclosed
Devices Supported Web-based
Compatibility with Database Management System (DBMS) N/A
Third party integration Many different third party integrations including with banks, financial institutions, compliance module, banking detail validation modules.

Support Services

Support Option Online Support , Phone Support
All clients have a dedicated relationship manager, who is on-hand to offer support and guidance, both at set-up stage and throughout the ongoing relationship. The support service is 24/7


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