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CollateralPro delivers a comprehensive, enterprise-wide collateral management system that enables global investment banks, asset managers and service providers to transform regional and global operations. This Broadridge solution empowers firms to mitigate counterparty risk, comply with changing regulations, and embrace growth.   Its end-to-end collateral management capabilities support bi-lateral and cleared derivatives, as well as securities financing transactions.

In addition to providing excellent core collateral management functionality, CollateralPro offers an advanced optimization module which will improve liquidity and enhance revenue.

Agreement management database

CollateralPro supports all international collateral agreement types, including ISDA CSA, GMRA and GMSLA. 

Automated exposure calculation and data feeds

Collateral requirements are automatically calculated based on data feeds in a wide variety of formats from both internal and external systems.

Exposure and margin management

Intelligent automation supports margin call workflow through configurable business rules, automatically providing counterparty notifications. Users can drill down from the realtime displays and see exposure at agreement, product and trade levels, as well as view outstanding collateral balances.

Asset and inventory management

Provides an overview of collateral inventory, showing assets available for rehypothecation and confirmed and predicted asset positions. The inventory can be accepted from firmwide positions to make a wider pool of available assets.

Collateral interest calculation and statement

User-definable rules—including periods, rates spreads and internal firm financing rates—drive interest calculations on cash assets. Statements are sent automatically to clients for confirmation, and interest claim status is displayed on the dashboard.

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  • Agreement management database


  • Exposure and margin management

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